Selena Gomez releases the trailer for her documentary ‘My Mind & Me’

Selena Gomez has chosen october 10 world mental health day as date to premiere the trailer for his new documentary My Mind & Me.

Selena Gomez from a very young age he has known very well what it is to fight to have good mental health and for continuing to be well in your day to day. Well, since she achieved fame when she was so small, she has had to go to therapy to be able to cope with the situation.

Your next job will see the light November 4the documentary will deal with her life and how six years ago she began to live with strong anxiety and depression that did not let her move forward and that she has finally managed to overcome. Thanks to a lot of psychological and family help.

The documentary can be seen at apple tv, but he has already left us a preview of how it will be and the topics that will appear in it. One of them, apart from depression and anxiety, It is lupus, a disease that he has suffered for many years and has had to fight against. “Just know who you are, Selena. Nobody cares what you’re doing. It’s about who I am, about being okay with where I am. I am so grateful to be alive.”expresses the singer in the advance.

But we will also see her very happy, with images of her smiling and very happy to be able to start her life againbecause now he has control of his thoughts and emotions and is stronger than ever.

The director of the film Alek Keshishian He wanted to put the camera in the most impressive moments of the actress. Soon we will be able to enjoy My Mind & Me and see how Selena Gomez’s life has been.

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