PSOE and PP willing to depoliticize the Attorney General’s Office as requested by Brussels

The Executive of Pedro Sánchez is now open to studying a reform of the State Attorney General’s Office for its “depoliticization”, as the PP has been proposing and in line with the independence that Brussels is asking for. In fact, Moncloa is willing to explore legal changes in this regard, according to what OKDIARIO has learned from government sources after the meeting held by the leader of the PP, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, with the head of the Government this Monday in Moncloa. A meeting that was convened by Sánchez aimed at unblocking the Judiciary as a result of the resignation of the president of the CGPJ and the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes.

In this way, according to the same sources, the Government is not closed to studying a reform of the Attorney General’s Office. The PP points out in the proposal that it sent to Moncloa last July that it is necessary to adopt “guarantees of independence of the State Attorney General’s Office. And here he refers, specifically, to the fact that “the possible disqualification of the State Attorney General will be expressly stated and it will be established that those who have performed political positions in the previous five years».

In addition, the PP saw this position supported in the latest annual report on the rule of law in the European Union, published by Brussels last july. Through this document, the European Commission urged Spain to strengthen the statute of the State Attorney General to safeguard their independence and sever their link with the Executive.

The report, which for the first time included recommendations by country (six in the case of Spain), called on Spain to “strengthen the statute of the Attorney General, in particular with regard to separation of the terms of the Attorney General’s office from that of the Governmenttaking into account the European standards on the independence and autonomy of the accusation, ”says the letter.

Likewise, the document called once again to unblock the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and to undertake a profound reform to reinforce its independence.

EU endorsed

After the publication of this report, Feijóo himself spoke as follows on social networks: “Brussels endorses our proposal to depoliticize Justice and the Attorney General’s Office. Let’s reform the law to guarantee judicial independence while we renew the CGPJ. We are still willing, and the government can show a willingness to agree,” he said then on social networks.

This Monday, after the meeting held by Sánchez and Feijóo in Moncloa, the Government has turned in its closedness and no longer shows the same refusal as in recent months to address this reform of the Attorney General’s Office, to listen to the PP’s proposal on the “suitability” of the new members of the CGPJ, that is, “independent profilesdisconnected from political parties and of recognized prestige”, whether it be the renewed CGPJ the one that proposes the new election systemwhere the judges choose the judges, as OKDIARIO has advanced this Monday.

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