The Seville Police explode against the City Council (PSOE) for abandoning them in the ‘María León case’

This Sunday marks a week since the incident of Mary Leon with the Seville Local Police that ended with the actress spending the night in the dungeons of the Seville capital. In these seven days, we have been getting to know more episodes similar starring Leon in Seville, like when he vomited in a taxi; but something else has happened that has not had the repercussion it deserves: the abandonment by the Socialist City Council of Seville of the agents involved in the ‘Maria Leon case’.

Four days after the event controversyfrom the official networks of the CSIFunion of the Seville Local Policethey pointed out: «Four days have already passed since the companions had the intervention with Mary Leon Y Juan Carlos Cabrera (socialist deputy mayor and head of the Local Police) continues quiet and hidden. We don’t know if his union won’t let him talk. Your abandonment is killing us».

But it is that this same weekend OKDIARIO Andalusia has spoken with Santi Raposo, spokesman for the CSIF union in the Seville Local Police, and has been very indignant with the situation. In the first place, because the mayor of Seville, the socialist Antonio Muñoz, “took four days to come to the fore of the matter” and that he did so to “defend the professionalism of the Local Police”, something that the agents consider “true”. “Our performance was exquisite at all times,” continues Raposo, who recalls that “María León is not arrested until she attacks her partner.”

“She was allowed to record at all times, she was simply warned of the legal consequences she could incur if she uploaded those images to social networks,” explains the spokesman for the CSIFwhich recriminates Cabrera to continue “with the hidden head underground”. “He has not been able to stand up for his Police”Add.

“We are still waiting for the Justice to do its job. The colleagues are fully supported and supported by the rest of the staff and the union sections, and we hope that everything turns out as it should because the action has been from the book, from the manual and very correct on the part of the Local Police officers of Seville”, concludes Foxy in statements to OKDAILY Andalusia.

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