Police arrest three people for the death of a soldier in Ceuta

The Superior Headquarters of the Ceuta National Police has maintained throughout this Monday a large device deployed in the Prince Alfonso neighborhood after around 1:30 a.m. last morning a 37-year-old man of military profession was shot in the garages of the Poblado Legionario. The wounded by “multiple shots” died hours later in the ICU of the University Hospital. The agents who intervened have arrested six people, three accused of his murder and another three for other crimes. In addition, a pistol and other effects have been seized.

When the detonations occurred on the man, who ended up losing his life in the surroundings of the aforementioned neighborhood of Ceuta, an operation had already been established in search of the people who in the early hours of Friday to last Saturday they wounded seven national police officers with stones when they proceeded to make an arrest linked to organized crime in the center of the neighborhood.

As reported by the General Directorate of the Police in a statement, after intervening in the man’s homicide, three people “presumably related to the crime” were arrested when they tried to flee hooded and a pistol was intervened. Two entries and searches were also carried out with judicial authorization in the same neighborhood in which chargers and ammunition, electronic surveillance material and drones were located.

The three others arrested are related to the attacks suffered by the agents over the weekend as they prepared to carry out an entry and search in an operation against organized crime.

Since April, when a teenager lost his life after being shot in the head when he was leaving on a Prince’s motorcycle, the National Police has maintained a special deployment at different points on the outskirts of the city to “prevent clashes with firearms.” , which have happened almost every week and, punctually, daily.

Within the framework of the so-called Operation Lead There have been 36 arrests of individuals linked to the two gangs that, in conflict, dispute control of illicit activities in the autonomous city. The investigation is still open and “it is not ruled out” that the detainees could be related to other criminal acts of a similar nature.

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