last minute of tests, dishes and expelled

Follow live Y live online a new program ofMasterchef Celebrity 2022′. The famous today face some complicated tests, which will bring with them a new expelled. Pepe, jordi Y Samantha Vallejo-Nágera will receive today in the kitchens of RTVE Florentino Fernández, Gonzalo Miró and the latest Masterchef winner, Mary Lo.

Live, program 5 of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’

22:05 Who are the famous guests in the kitchens of ‘Masterchef’?

In addition to the show that the contestants give us, in each program, celebrities from other editions come to the kitchens of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’. Today, RTVE will receive Florentino Fernandez, Gonzalo Miro and the last winner of Masterchef, Maria Lo.

21:55 Who was the last expelled from ‘Masterchef’?

The 1 of Spanish Television lived a night of the most special to live the most painful expulsion of the seventh edition. Patricia Conde became the new expelled from Master Chef Celebrityafter a night that started off on the wrong foot.

21: 45 Program 7 of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, LIVE!

Very good to everyone! Today, Monday, October 10, program 5 of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ is broadcast. In OKDIARIO we tell you live and live online all the details. Let’s have fun!

21:30 What time is it and where to see ‘Masterchef Celebrity’

There is nothing left for a new program to start from the new edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 7′. After the expulsion of Patricia Conde, the famous contestants will once again demonstrate their skills from 10:05 p.m. in TVEone hour less in the Canary Islands.

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