“Equal Seve is to have no words”

Jon Rahm He was satisfied after winning his third Spanish Open this Sunday by winning with total dominance and a recital on the last day to fulfill his favoritism. «Doing a week like this in front of this public is a joy. There is no more fun week for me than this », he assured.

“The atmosphere has been incredible, the Spanish public is noticeable, only Manolo el del Bombo was missing,” said a Rahm which also confirmed its participation in next year’s edition.

All the lights were on the player from Barrika and last year’s US Open champion fulfilled his role with authority. Rahm He left a week to remember for his game and for history for his third title, equaling the record held by his idol Severiano Ballesteros at 27 years of age. “Equalize one of the records of It looks so soon with the return that I have made it is to have no words, ”he said when referring to the Spanish golf legend.

win at home

“It’s a bit bittersweet because it’s the first victory without my wife and children. Although they have been watching it and I have spoken with them, it is the first time that they are not here to celebrate with me directly. I have here my parents, my friends and well my team. Is incredible. As for Seve, I’m glad it was a lap like this. If I had ever dreamed of equaling Seve’s victories in Spain, doing my lowest lap in this course, it would have been this way. I can’t describe it but the only thing I can say is when you do small details well. The truth is that it has been a spectacular day.”

best week of the year

«Yesterday I said that it was ‘organized’, today has been quite stressful until the 16th hole. I was making good swines, but things did not work out. Then I putt the 6 and as I have played since then it has been good.

Turning point at hole 6

“You always have to say when I do certain things. Well, I made that putt because I got angry. What has been very good for me has been having the putt on the 5th hole. A little shorter, but it has given me a lot of confidence. And that’s when the good day started.”

Advice to Alcaraz

«What I have always thought is that being number 1 is a consequence of what happens day by day in those games he has. In the end you forget to keep because if you win matches, the number 1 is a consequence of it. That he continues training as he has done so far. The hard part is keeping up. This question is more for Rafa (laughs). Golf and tennis are different sports. To maintain the number 1 in the world you will have to play as the number 1 in the world. Nothing more. The more he’s there, the more he’ll get used to the pressure.”

Importance of the putt

«My power is from tee to green, but I have been putting very well since August, I have felt very comfortable and I have been lucky enough to put in those ‘joints’ of 6 and 11, which are moments that you do not expect. I have missed a few putts. I have made the shorts that I needed to maintain the lead and I was so comfortable today on the green. It was in my sauce. Days like this are enjoyed. The last time I felt like this was at the Ryder.

I remember Barrenechea

When I won here in 2019 I had a great cushion of shots until the last holes and I ‘walked’ the last holes and as a competitor I believed that I could have won for more. Today it was the other way around. I have remembered a great friend that we lost recently, who is Ramón Barrenechea. He was a very important person for the family. He was one of us. Someone who did a lot for me, for golf in Spain. The truth is that he is a great person that we have lost ».

next challenge

I do not know. There are many, but I can’t tell you one, but it would be winning the second big one. I hope to be the fourth Spaniard to win in Augusta.

Victory of Lopez-Chacarra

“I was watching it this morning when I was having breakfast with Formula 1. We were waiting for it to start and yes, I was watching it. Let’s see, he’s playing at LIV Golf, yes, but he’s still a 22-year-old Spanish player who’s no one’s fault for the problems that a certain dynamic has created, but he’s a Spaniard who has just turned professional and in his fifth tournament has beaten great golfers. And win as he has won. He has played fantastic and I can’t say anything but congratulations. Let’s say that when I went out today, he wanted the day to start with a Spanish victory and end with a Spanish victory. The only thing that would have been better is if Carlos Sainz had won, but unfortunately he had an accident. All I can say is congratulations.”


“I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow on the flight (laughs), so I don’t know what I’m going to do to you next year. Everything will depend on which tournaments are those four that they add. Once we know it will be easier to tell you, but I don’t think it will change much from what it has been so far. Maybe it changes a week or two, but it will be very similar.

Country club

«I came to play on Monday and I was surprised by the good conditions in which the field was. We’ve been lucky that we’ve had great weather and they’ve been able to make the fairways and greens firmer. It is a great golf course. Some designs of these fields are so old that they make you think and rarely can you use the power that some of us have to tackle a field like this. And if you do, you have to play very good golf. It’s something I like. The two times I’ve won here it’s been like this. because I played very well and had many birdie opportunities. The years where you don’t go straight is a field that is going to penalize you a lot.

PGA and European Tour

“I would like to say yes, but I don’t know. The only thing I can do is ask and talk to them and wait for something to happen. With the history that Spain has… that we don’t have a bigger tournament seems like a pretty big mistake to me. A country that has very good weather throughout the year, that eats well, takes good care of the players… I have never understood why they have not organized a tournament here. I’m trying. Rory and I are trying so we can play in Europe and in the United States. Hopefully one of them can be here. They also say in Paris that I think he’s fine because he’s a great guy and he deserves it. I imagine in the UK too. I keep trying.”

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