The great change that comes to Ikea and that we all celebrate: You’re going to love it!

Ikea It is the store par excellence where we can find all kinds of furniture and accessories for home. A store that receives thousands of visits at the end of the day, and that has just given its customers great joy with a novelty in its service that we have been waiting for a long time. The great change that comes to Ikea and that we all celebrate: You’re going to love it!

Ikea now lets pets into its stores

No more going to Ikea as you have done to date, that is, leaving your dog at home, since the Swedish giant already has a access regulations for pets in their stores. A simple and easy to comply regulation that will allow us to pcleaning the corridors of Ikea with our pet while we buy furniture or delight ourselves with all its novelties.

But how can I get into Ikea with my dog? As explained in its Regulations for the access of pets to IKEA stores and IKEA Ibérica contact points, the number of pets that each person or family can enter Ikea stores is two maximum And we have to take responsibility for any damage that the animal may cause. In other words, if you enter with your dog and it stains or breaks something, you will have to pay the amount to repair the damage caused.

Dogs must be on a leashwith a leash that does not exceed 1.5 meters and can accompany us throughout the store except for the Swedish restaurant, bistro and shop area unless there is a terrace enabled.

We also can’t let dogs climb on furniture and we must bring our own bags to collect excrement in case they relieve themselves inside the store and it is also recommended that we bring sanitary wipes. However, it is also specified that we must prevent the dog from urinating or defecating in the store at all times.

Not all dogs can enter

On the other hand, you should also know that not all dogs can enter without moresince the regulation states that Ikea reserves the Admission rights of the animals in case you see that the dogs are debilitated or sick, or who do not meet hygiene conditions and they also do not let in dogs that are potentially dangerous or display aggressive behavior.

In case of going with a dog considered of potentially dangerous breed must wear their muzzle. Among these recipes are, for example, the American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullmastiff, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Pit Bull Terrier or Rottweiler.

Finally, note that it will also be necessary comply with current animal legislation of the Autonomous Community in which the Ikea store that we visit is located.

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