Ángel Correa returns Atlético to the Champions zone

Two goals from Correa return Atlético to Champions positions and cushion the blow of defeat in the Champions League, but the result is just a placebo with which to endure the wait until Wednesday’s decisive game against Bruges, because the leadership of the League is still very far away and survival in Europe is essential. The Girona did not pose problems until Riquelme decided to enter the game. He scored a goal for the team that has his rights and starred in the best talent details of the second half, although the key plays were a Aleix García’s shot that Oblak deflected to the post and another save by the Slovenian to the same Catalan player in the 87th minute.

Today’s was his second start of the season. In the first he scored a goal against Celta. In the second he has doubled his record. Ángel Correa is denied by many the pal and the salt, but it is almost impossible to find a player with better performance: there are already 339 games as a rojiblanco and 62 goals scored. To put it in perspective: he has five more than Manoloten more than futre and is one of Ben Barek. All that, without ever having enjoyed the vitola of the undisputed headline. What more could you want?

four minutes it took Griezmann in celebrating his definitive signing for Atlético. It all started from a stolen ball reinildo. The Mozambican combined with the Frenchman, who sent him running. He didn’t stop until he reached the opponent’s area, where he again sought help from Antoinewho stepped on the ball, raised his head and from there he put a millimeter pass to the far post where Beltas almost always in the right place, he beat Juan Carlos with a subtle touch.

In the Day of the Rocks the stadium seemed to plummet in celebration of a goal that heralded an excellent afternoon. However, nothing is further from reality. It was 1-0 and the game fell into lethargy that invited more to a nap than to follow the evolution of a ball that barely soiled the area in the remainder of the first half. In the count, only one arrival of cunhawho crashed his shot into the legs of Juan Carlosand another of Yangel on the other side. Too little to talk about, especially after Tuesday’s disappointment in Belgium. When Martinez Munuera sent the players to the locker room the feeling was that Atlético had willingly missed the opportunity to leave everything resolved. It was time to face the second part being aware that, at some point, Girona would come out of the cave.

Míchel perceived the rojiblancas doubts and prepared to present battle in the second part, but there was no occasion. Two minutes after the restart Correa caught a pass from Juan Carlos and resolved it with a left footed shot under the goalkeeper’s body. An unexpected goal, made from scratch, and that now forced Girona to take a risk that they had given up all afternoon.

Nahuel almost immediately it was 3-0, but this time Juan Carlos was right, avoiding the final sentence of a game that took on another meaning when suddenly, at 64 minutes, a shot without apparent danger from Riquelme from outside the area tripped Giménez and went to a place inaccessible to Oblak. The 2-1 came just a few moments after Simeone I would have left another poisoned dart for Joao. Cholo had ordered three changes, but none of them was Portuguese. Lemar, Morata Y Saul they replaced Cunha, Griezmann Y carrasco.

It was then that Girona began to believe for the first time in the possibility of a comeback and, hand in hand Riquelme, missing in the first part, but masterful in the second, He was gaining meters and appearing more frequently than desired against Oblak. Simeone, with the fly behind his ear, called to his side Kondogbia and Joao and, now yes, the boy stepped onto the field. It was the 72nd minute. Three minutes later Aleix Garcia took a ball, let out a tremendous kick and Oblak put his hand to deflect the shot to the post. The stands began to break out in cold sweat.

The afternoon ended tachycardia. Oblak took an incredible save again from Aleix García’s shot at 86 and in the corner kick Stuani He finished off the post, although in this case the play was annulled. On the contrary, Atlético did not appear again in attack and, of course, Joao went about his business. An unpresentable roulette in the discount was about to cause the tie. Oblak ended up solving what the Portuguese had spoiled, who has re-entered a tunnel. Another one.

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