“You have to do toxicological tests at the gates of Congress”

The president of Vox has mentioned during his speech at Viva 22 the event that occurred in the Elias Ahuja Residence Hall, where several young people, following a controversial university tradition, shouted rudely towards a women’s college. «What has been the debate in Spain this last week. In a Spain that is going bankrupt and cannot pay its electricity and gas bills. An increasingly indebted Spain. In a Spain in which the deputies in Congress have just said that minors can take hormones from the age of 12. In that Spain what has been the debate these days: nonsense and shameful phrases of immature teenagers in a college. What a lesson the girls at the college have taught knowing that some halters still have a few years to mature.

In this sense, Abascal has charged against some politicians in Congress by saying that “how dare they give lessons to the young people of Spain. To some young people who had probably had too much to drink” and stated that “we should still think about doing toxicological tests in access to the Congress of Deputies.

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