These are the remakes and continuations that Hollywood plans

Nostalgia is the order of the day in audiovisual entertainment. There is nothing more than taking a look at some of the latest commercial cinema successes. Ghostbusters: Beyond It was a continuation that worked the sequel with hints of reboot (restart) and its collection already invites a sequel for 2023. On the other hand, Top Gun: Maverick has become the eleventh highest grossing film in history. Both share a decade of origin and the future seems to be heading towards it. The 80s are back and these are some of the remakes and sequels that prove it:

‘Karate Kid’

the 80s are back
‘Karate Kid’ (Sony Pictures)

The spin-off series cobra kai It has already made more than one nostalgic with the return of the Karate Kid universe. Now we know that Sony Pictures is preparing a new movie of the franchise. It is expected to be a remake or a reboot since the creators of the Netflix series have already assured that they had nothing to do with the project. The last feature film that there was about it was the one that starred Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.

‘Woman’s weapons’

‘Women’s Guns’ (Century Fox)

actress and singer Selena Gomez is preparing a reboot from the 1988 film starring Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver. The original version was directed by Mike Nichols, of the new Armas de mujer neither the director nor the role that Gómez will play is known. According to PEOPLE will stream directly on Hulu via streaming.

‘Lethal Weapon’

‘Lethal Weapon’ (Warner Bros.)

According to Mel Gibsondelays respect to lethal weapon 5 they are mainly to blame for the merger of Warner Bros with Discovery. Richard Donner he made the Australian promise that if he died he would be the one to direct the story he had written for the fifth installment. With the actor himself and Donald Glover a little older for the intense action of the franchise, they are expected to serve as a guide for a new pair of slightly more inexperienced police officers. If there is living proof that the 80s are back, it is that Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh hit the streets of Los Angeles again.


Hellraiser (Hulu)

Of the reboot that are coming in the future, this is the one that should be closest to our vision. In theory, Cenobites return to Hulu on October 7 and it should predictably land on par with Disney + in our country, the same thing that happened at the time with Prey. It seems that the franchise returns as dark as ever, with the summoning puzzle game and the beings from another dimension that they enjoy the pain of others.

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