The Chekist vomits his Memory

As the great-nephew of a young soldier (I am talking about 1936) disappeared, and probably buried in an unknown ditch dug by militiamen in the early days of the uncivil Spanish war, as a close friend of a UCD leader assassinated by ETA eight hours later that we had dinner together in Guetaria, as a person who has suffered twelve years! the enemy of the murderous gang, bluntly affirmed that the Law approved on Wednesday in the Senate called the Democratic Memory, It is the most serious event that has occurred in Spain. since, as soon as the Second Republic illegally broke out, the hordes were fully employed in Madrid and throughout Spain, burning convents, “walking” everyone who apparently did not agree with their cruelty to go to mass, and establishing a regime of terror that even the pusillanimous Ortega y Gasset (he was in those first republican weeks) could not help but condemn, yes, ambiguously. “It’s not this, it’s not this.” It took him a while to find out.

Now, Sánchez and his henchmen, adorned for the occasion with the worst of each house, from seditious separatists to terrorists who have not yet condemned the raid criminal of ETA for forty years, has perpetrated a law defended in the Senate by that dark official of darkness called Felix Bolanos. What family does this individual come from? Nobody like the still president has done so much in less time and not to divide Spain into two halves that seem irreconcilable, but to sow hatred in the backs of those who, with almost always deceitful self-confidence, claim to be heirs to the losers of Francoism. Lie: most of them lived in the dictatorship affably Or is it that the PNV can present a crucial opposition against the Caudillo? Or is it that the socialists, many of whom, those of today, are the grandchildren of those who, despite them, had to fight on the red side, are they going to teach the rest of us Spaniards how our parents in that catastrophe of 36-39?

The Law vomited by the Chequist Sánchez is a provocation, an attack on national peace, a runaway attack against the Spaniards who do not want to know anything about that domestic disaster that they wanted to ruin with the Transition. It is horrifying to see how this unscrupulous subject, without principles, without limits, has received for his Law the vote of characters who, like the philo-terrorist Aizpurua, called on ETA a little over ten years ago to execute the Spaniards who opposed its lethal project as soon as possible. What can be called the companion of the criminals who, thanks to him, get out of jail and are honored by the tribe of conchabanes who gave shelter and help to the gunmen? The entire Transition, concocted with exquisite care so as not to suppurate old wounds, blows up with this disgusting mess that the PSOE has planned to violate the relationship between the two Spains. Nobody in this country, except people of the worst kind like paul churches and his cohort of Leninists, have never demanded the revision of the amnesty approved in the Transition that benefited ETA criminals who took to the streets and what is even worse, they took up the pistol again to kill everyone who opposed his criminal regime, including, of course, very significant socialist militants.

The only thing missing is the Chequist of La Moncloa who, effectively, makes his wishes come true and imprisons in the worst jails those who dare to contravene his intentions. It’s unfortunate that a certain right it folds without question for this individual to indulge your desires. How is it possible that even television production companies that present themselves as liberals have launched an “egoseries” to bless the still president with humiliated congratulations? Why don’t they complete his work and include in the four seasons that of the pain that the henchmen who now rob Sánchez have caused and are causing right now in Spain? Why not? This guy no longer lacks – I say it and I will write it again – more than shackling the dissidents and the toughest to take them to the slammer because, as the communist friends of Ibero-America say, they oppose the “revolutionary triumph of the masses” . On Wednesday, Sánchez, in his permanent search for new words with which to revile the opposition, found and broadcast one with an unmistakable Marxist flavor: “The wealthy classes.” Those who think that these reflections are an exaggeration by the chronicler can reread protagonists of the Republic such as the one who was once Minister of the Interior, Miguel Maurawho warned, without anyone wanting to listen to him, of the evils that could be caused in language and in political practice by class unions that pushed armed militiamen to shoot the Heart of Jesus.

Finally, it’s getting late feijoo in promising that if he wins the next elections one of his first initiatives, the most important, will be to repeal this miserable law, Sánchez’s vomit which, if continued, will turn Spain into a new cemetery. These kinds of laws are the ones that unnerve a society despite the fact that right now the country is still napping and does not mobilize even when its very moral core is attacked. It remains for the parties that have not supported this repulsive mess to encourage their electorate against some unpresentable revanchists of who knows what, who have returned the Hispanic community to the darkest years of the pre-civil war. It is the work of a psychopath who turns his illness into a lash against what he calls, spewing hatred, the “wealthy classes.” Marxist invention where they exist.

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