Verstappen’s accounts to be crowned champion at Suzuka

Max Verstappen face the Japanese Grand Prix as his first great opportunity to become world champion. Mathematical options already had in the previous test in Singaporebut they were going through a difficult carom that did not happen by a long shot, since they experienced one of their most complicated days of the entire season and could only finish in seventh position.

In the absence of five races to conclude the championship, Verstappen has a 104-point advantage over charles leclerc. This distance means that, if Suzuka achieve the fastest lap victory combo, he will mathematically revalidate his world crown. Any other combination of results will force you to look at what the Monegasque and also the Mexican are doing. Sergio Perez.

Yes Verstappen adds his twelfth victory of the year, but does not add the point of the fastest lap, he will need that Leclerc be third at most to be proclaimed champion. On the other hand, if the Dutchman finishes second, it will depend on what both the Monegasque and Perez. Specifically, that Leclerc finish fifth at most and that the Mexican finish fourth at most, in both cases without the additional point of the fastest lap.

There are a total of 12 possible combinations that crown champion Verstappen in Japanwhich would be an additional tribute to Slingbiker from Redbull, but at the same time there is also a good chance that the outcome of the world be postponed for two weeks until the dispute of the United States Grand Prix in Austin. As for the world of builders, whatever happens in Japan it still won’t be solved mathematically next Sunday.

Combinations that make Verstappen champion

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