Cufre, ready to accept the challenge

Braian Cufré will be the great novelty of Mallorca on Monday in Elche. The Argentine defender, who was about to leave the team this summer, will play his first game as a starter in the First Division after Jaume Costa’s injury, which he has for a month or so. “ANDI am prepared and ready to accept the challenge”, Cufré told the club’s official media today.

The RCD Mallorca player, Braian Cufre, You already know what it’s like to play in the First Division. The Argentine winger played his first minutes in the highest category of Spanish football last day at the Visit Mallorca Estadi against FC Barcelona. He came on in the 77th minute to replace Jaume Costa, who left the pitch due to a muscle problem. Cufré admits that it was a very emotional and special debut for him. “The truth is that a lot of things got mixed up. The effort that one makes since I was a child to get where I am. The family comes to mind, my daughters, my parents, my wife. So very happy and well it was also a bit bittersweet because I think the team deserved a little more. It was a loss, but personally very happy for the debut”.

The player from Mar de Plata also values ​​the effort and work he has done over the years to get here. “I never stopped training and believing in myself. So when I have to come back here, I always come back positive. I have a good preseason. I feel very good. The coach gives me confidence, something that is very important for a player. At no time did I doubt myself, my conditions. I am prepared for the opportunity they are giving me.”

The Mallorcan winger has also referred to Elche CF, RCD Mallorca’s next rival: “Elche didn’t have a good start to the season, but it’s football. We are eleven against eleven and play. Whoever does things best is going to win and we are prepared to win it”.

On the other hand, Cufré considers that there is a very competitive team, capable of standing up to any rival. As for the Majorcan coach, Cufré values ​​the relationship he maintains with the squad: “The truth is that the coach is very good. He is a technician who is very involved in the day-to-day with the player and that is very good. It makes you feel much more comfortable.”

The Argentine has several goals for this season: “Well, individually I intend to continue improving, continue learning from my teammates and the coaching staff. Then in the group I think I try not to suffer, to have a good season and keep the team in the First Division”.

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