Clan wars sow terror in Algeciras: two young people killed in less than a week

A man just 26 years old was murdered this Thursday night in Algeciras (Cadiz) after being hit by gunfire from a brawl happened in the neighborhood of Saladillo. It should be remembered that last Monday another 19 year old passed away stabbed in La Piñera, in the same city.

According to police sources, the young man deceased was inside a vehicle when he was shot after a brawl on Antonio Machado street, where the events took place. The Police investigates if the origin of the event is a clash between clans or families related to drug trafficking.

The young man was rushed to the Punta Europa Hospital, where they could only certify his death. From then on, a strong police force has remained at the door of the hospital center to prevent possible clashes.

The Police are keeping an investigation open, with no detainees at the moment, and rule out in principle that these events are related to what happened last Monday night on Espiritu Santo Street in the Piñera neighborhood, when a 19-year-old boy was stabbed to death. presumably by a 16-year-old boy, for whom a judge has ordered his provisional admission to a juvenile center.


The National Police maintains an investigation open into the events that occurred on Thursday night where he died a young man of 26 years. The agents looking for a person As the alleged author of the shots that caused the death of the victim on Antonio Machado street, in the neighborhood of Saladilloin Algeciras (Cadiz).

According to police sources, the deceased was inside a vehicle when a person approached and fired several shots that hit the victim, who died in the Hospital Punta de Europa.

Police actions have been declared secret and efforts are being made to try to discover and locate the alleged perpetrator of a crime of homicide.

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