Several students expelled from the hall of residence for the macho yelling at their classmates

The address of Elias Ahuja Residence Hall of Madrid has expelled several residents who shouted and shouted sexist insults at the students of another college and is identifying the rest of those involved in these events to proceed with their expulsion, as confirmed by a spokesman for the center.

The events occurred last Sunday night when a group of young people leaned out of one of the windows of the center and one of them began to shout and insult the students of the nearby Santa Monica College.

“Bitches, come out of your burrows like rabbits, you are nymphomaniac whores, I promise you that you are all going to fuck in the capea, come on Ahuja!”, after which the blinds rose in unison. all rooms on the seven floors of one the facades of the school and the students leaning out began to utter chauvinist chants.

Some events and demonstrations that the center’s management has roundly condemned: «We consider them incomprehensible and inadmissible, both in form and substance. In addition to being totally contrary to the ideology and values ​​of the center,” he stressed in a statement.

As explained by a spokesman for the center, attached to the Complutense University and managed by the order of San Agustín, that same night the director and the security guard went to the room area, identified several young people who were participating and “the next day the one who uttered the insults was expelled.”

There are several more expelled who are being communicated “gradually”, although the spokesman has not detailed the exact number of students because investigation continues to identify “anyone who may have uttered any type of insult or disrespect”.

In addition, the Elías Ahuja, which has offered a public apology to the management and students of the Colegio Mayor Santa Mónica -also attached to the Complutense and directed by the congregation of Agustinas Misioneras- will force all its residents to participate in awareness-raising conferences and volunteering social.

“The Directorate reaffirms the commitment of the Colegio Mayor with an education based on values ​​such as friendship, respect, a sense of community, solidarity and equality,” the statement concludes.

The Secretary of State for Equality, Angela Rodriguezhas condemned these events on his Twitter profile where he has assured that «another sexual culture is possiblenecessary and learnable, one of enjoyment and respect, a feminist culture».

“Perhaps sex education would have warned them that ‘we are going to abuse’ is a threat, part of that sex horror that places women as sexual objects”, he has written.

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