How to write apart or apart

The doubt in the writing of these two words is something that usually happens on a regular basis. Although the pronunciation is the same, each one is written differently and therefore the meaning will also be different.

A misspelled word can change the meaning of a textTherefore, it is important to get rid of doubts by applying certain resources. First of all, knowing the meaning of the words, applying the corresponding spelling rule and having a good reading habit.

For this reason, pay attention to the conceptual analysis, the examples, the spelling regulations and you will see that the process is much simpler than you imagined. In this way, this question can be answered, since both words are spelled correctlybut according to their meaning they will belong to different contexts.

It should be written separately when…

Apart, written all together, it has several meanings, depending on whether it is presented as an adverb, noun, adjective or as a preposition. Depending on the text, it can take on a completely different meaning.. In order to understand the formation and use of this word, nothing better than a few simple examples.

  • As an adjective it means that it is separate or should be considered separately. Juan was a boss apart from all the others.
  • It can be an adverb that indicates a situation or place separated from another in which there are things of the same type or with which it is related. You must put the sauce aside so that it does not mix with the salad.
  • It is used as a referent noun in a play, a piece of text that a character says speaking to himself or assuming that the other characters in the play do not hear him. There was an aside to understand the play.
  • If it is followed by the preposition ‘of’ it is equivalent to ‘in addition to’. Apart from boyfriends they are very good friends.

Let’s see the use of this word in some examples:

  • As an adverb it means “in another place”. Example: Separate vegetables from raw meat so they don’t get contaminated.
  • When presented as an adjective, it means “singular or different”. Eg What happened to my cat must be taken as a separate case.
  • As a noun it refers to the words mentioned by one or more characters in a theatrical performance. Eg There was an aside, in which Carlos confessed his lie.
  • When it comes to a preposition, it refers to “apart from”. Ex: Apart from that small stain, the fabric is perfect.

It should be written separately when…

If we write it separately “apart” represents a preposition accompanied by a noun. It is used to refer to a site, an amount or a portion of a whole. Eg: The teacher put together a course to explain the new regulations.

usage examples

  • Tourists will stay separately, they do not want to participate in this excursion.
  • I also have the right to part of the inheritance.
  • There are no footprints, apart from the old man’s.
  • The students will stay separately, they do not want to share a room.
  • The drop in sales made the directors of the company resign.
  • This road looks like it’s going nowhere.

With these two well-defined expressions with their examples we cannot fail, we will write this word or words correctly every time we need them in a text.

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