THE TORCH | New whistle for Sánchez despite shielding La Coruña

Today in LA ANTORCHA, Vicente Gil analyzes with Luis Balcarce and Graciano Palomo the current situation of the day, which leaves Pedro Sánchez with a new whistle like every time he appears on the street. It has been in La Coruña, despite the police armor ordered by Moncloa to guarantee, of course, the security of the meeting, but also to keep the public away from the act.

Meanwhile, in view of the 2023 budgets presented by the government, Feijóo already smells the “destruction” that Sánchez will leave in the public accounts. The PP fears that, like Zapatero, it leaves hidden debts and bills in the drawers. Juan Bravo has told OKDIARIO that Feijóo will do a general audit of the public accounts as soon as he arrives in Moncloa if he wins the elections.

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