Green light for Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s proposal to cut ties with anti-Semitic entities despite Podemos’s ‘no’

The proposal promoted by the PP of the Community of Madrid to cut ties with entities over which the shadow of anti-Semitism weighs has received the green light in the plenary session of Congress. This initiative, born at regional level within the team led by Isabel Diaz Ayusohas had the support of all national groups except one: United We Can.

The Plenary Session of Congress has approved taking into consideration this bill that aims to prevent companies and associations suspected of anti-Semitism from receiving public money, whether it comes from contracts or subsidies. Podemos is against this measurearguing that its application can serve to cut off aid to Palestinian entities opposed to the Tel Aviv government, whatever it may be.

In practice, this bill entails amending both the general subsidy law and the public sector contract law, as well as the organic law regulating the right of association, all to combat all vestiges of antisemitism. In this way, it is proposed to extend the system of prohibitions to entities that in their admission process or in their operation discriminate on the basis of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, for anti-Semitic reasons or any other condition or personal or social circumstance.

This proposal has been defended in the plenary session of the Congress by the Madrid regional deputies Almudena Blackof the PP, and Pablo Gutierrez de Cabiedes, from Vox, which are the formations that carried out the same initiative in the Regional Assembly. Negro has denounced that “it is tremendous that anti-Semitism is rebounding throughout Europe, also in Spain” and has assured that his group will not cease the fight to eradicate “discrimination of the Jew for the fact of being one”.

For this reason, it has transferred the «need to expressly collect in the applicable Spanish legislation the prohibition of contracting or obtaining the status of beneficiary of public aid, or of acting as a collaborating entity, for all types of entity that incur in practices discrimination linked to anti-Semitism.

«In Spain, dozens of municipalities, including for our shame Madrid city councils, have approved in their plenary sessions motions in which it is established that local governments will not hire any company, product, entity and organization that is Israeli or that is related to the Jewish people,” Negro lamented, while making it ugly that “athletes, filmmakers or businessmen have been rejected for being hired because they are Jewish.”

From Vox they have reaffirmed their support for the initiative, although their spokesman for Justice in Congress, Eduardo Ruiz, has advanced his intention to present amendments in order to also reinforce the right to religious freedom for Christians.

Support with PSOE limits

The PSOE, which abstained in the Madrid Assembly when considering that the fight against hate crimes must also include racism, xenophobia or homophobia, has agreed to take the PP initiative into consideration, but has already announced that it will promote amendments to make it clear that anti-Semitism cannot be applied to criticism of actions by the Government of Israel.

And United We Can, which already opposed the approval of the initiative in the Madrid Assembly, has voted against again this Tuesday in Congress considering that this prohibition of subsidies to anti-Semitic entities hides an attempt to cut aid to pro-Palestinian associations that question the actions of the Israeli Government.

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