At what age to start waxing?

There is a question that all mothers and fathers ask themselves at some point in their lives. At what age can daughters and sons be allowed to start pluck either shave ? Wait times used to be longer. Today we tend to anticipate everything a little. When the first teasing hairs appear in the school gym, parents prefer to take cover, ask the beautician or resort to hair removal at home. At what age to start waxing then? Obviously there is no single answer.

At what age to start waxing?

If the puberty and the preteen they are increasingly anticipated, as is the case with the first menstrual cycle, even the appearance of hair on legs and arms, but also on other parts of the body, it can always appear earlier, even when perhaps our girls are still little girls. Obviously it cannot be generalized, because each girl develops with her own path. However, we can say that, in principle, the need among girls arises around 12-14 years. But in some cases the first hair removal can also be anticipated if the girl, even 9-10 years old, has a lot of hair and does not feel comfortable with her body.

The same goes for kids. In your case, facial hair usually appears after 12-15 years but depending on each child it may appear earlier. In this case, she will probably ask to start shaving so that no one in class will laugh at the hair on her lip.

Nevertheless, we must be careful not to start too early, since the skin is more sensitive and delicate. And also to choose methods that do not represent a trauma for the little ones, also because the pain is still not well tolerated. If the razor could be the most suitable together with depilatory creams, which however often contain potentially irritating substances, there are also those who turn to their beautician, for a first hair removal with a certainly longer lasting effect. In the case of children, the father will surely teach the children to use a blade or razor, but we must warn that as soon as we start shaving we will see how the hair comes out faster and stronger.

On the other hand, in the case of female hair removal we must avoid laser hair removal until at least 15-16 years, when in any case you have to contact the beautician asking for all the possible information about the pulsed light or about the laser. In these cases, parental authorization is always required to proceed with beauty treatments.

The advice is to listen to your daughters and sons. If they feel the need, they can start even at 11, with gentle methods. Always contacting professionals in the sector who can advise you in the best possible way.

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