A police officer on leave after being attacked by a Senegalese mantero in Madrid

An agent of the Madrid Municipal Police has had to receive medical leave for injuries caused by a mantero Senegalese, who dragged her for several meters through the central Plaza de Callao.

The events occurred on the afternoon of this Tuesday, October 4, when the aforementioned police were guarding illegal merchandise that had been requisitioned from this vendor, waiting for a patrol car to arrive to pick it up.

At one point, the Senegalese man – who was crouching next to the seized merchandise – pulled the blanket to start his flight, dragging the woman with him for several meters. As a result of the injuries, the Madrid Municipal Police agent had to be treated in a hospital and receive medical leave.

According to the police information portal H50the street vendor ran down Calle Preciados towards Puerta del Sol. Later, several agents proceeded to arrest him on Arenal Street. Now, he is accused of an industrial crime and another of attacking an agent of the authority.

The PP councilor of the Madrid City Council, JosĂ© FernĂĄndez SĂĄnchez, wanted to express his support and appreciation for the agent after the attack. «I wish your speedy recovery and that he can be on the streets of Madrid as soon as possible, enforcing the law,” he said in a message through his Twitter account.

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