We have the low cost Sephora Volumizing Gloss for €12.99

If you are looking for the best products of make-up for this fall, surely you want to try those that have somehow become the most viral of the moment. Products that all influencers recommend and that the famous can not stop teaching in their social networks. It is the case of the new Sephora volumizing gloss. A low cost product that is sweeping for 12.99 euros and that will allow you to show off heart-stopping lips.

Sephora’s viral gloss that is sweeping

In terms of lipsticks, we are no longer only looking for those that can give us a beautiful color and a smooth texture on our lips, or those that last for hours and hours without leaving a mark when we eat or kiss. Nowadays, gloss-type lipsticks are very fashionable. that in addition to leaving a slight shine on the lips, nallow you to give them volume so that they look much more hydrated and fleshy.

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And among the best-selling products in this regard the Sephora Outrageous Intense Volumizing Gloss is perhaps the best and most outstanding of all. A gloss that has among its ingredients the chilli just like him hyaluronic acid so that it results in hydrated lips, with an incredibly soft texture but also increasing day by day.

The texture of this volumizing gloss that is giving so much talk is in gel and it also has a simple applicator that will allow you to distribute the product on the lips without much problem. Thus, once applied you will notice some itching due to the chili extract that it contains in its formula, but at the same time and with continued use, you will notice how the lips are smoothed and curved, with enhanced color and greater volume. In fact, as soon as you place it on your lips you will notice a lip increase of more than 27% that will last for at least four hours.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid You will also show off more cared for and hydrated lips. For the formula of this gloss this acid has been used in the form of vegetable oil coated microspheres. The result over time is more flexible, soft and smooth lips day after day.

Sephora’s viral lipstick is in its stores and on its website at two tones: one crystal associated with subtle incandescent pearls of red gold and another nude enhanced by fine mother-of-pearl with silver highlights.

Their price is only 12.99 euros so if you want to try it, do not hesitate to go for it since it is running out at times.

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