the referee who outraged Barça was involved in a plot of prostitution and drug trafficking

Slavko Vincić It is from this Tuesday the great signaled by the failure of Barcelona in San Siro. The Catalans fell and blame their defeat on the controversial decision of the Slovenian referee, who did not want to whistle a hand that seemed more than clear from Dumfries in the area, avoiding a header from Ansu Fati. The referee was seen in the focus of controversy once again, since it is not the first to be seen in the eye of the hurricane, neither on the pitch nor outside it. In addition to several scandals that took place on the pitch, Vincic was arrested for an alleged link to a network of prostitution, possession of weapons and drugs.

In 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Vincic was arrested in Bosnia Herzegovina for his alleged involvement with a network run by Tijana Maksimovic, who was accused of prostitution and pimping. Along with her, 26 other men who were denounced for using the sexual services of women and eight other women, in addition to being charged with crimes for consumption and illegal use of drugs and weapons.

The plot was dismantled in the town of Bijeljina. It was there that the police found a nine women, various weapons including 10 pistols and several bulletproof vests, 14 packets of cocaine and 10,000 euros in cash. Those involved were the 26 men who were there at the time, including the referee.

The referee defended his innocence and was defended from the beginning by the Slovenian Federation. Own Vincic explained what happened in a media outlet in his country, alleging that he had nothing to do with what happened and that he was only there by chance: «I have my own company, I was in Bosnia-Herzegovina for a business meeting ».

The referee pointed out that it was an error, since accepted “an invitation to dinner” in the wrong place without knowing it. “Sorry. He was sitting at a table with my company, suddenly the police came and what happened happened. I have nothing to do with the group that was arrested and detained, nor with my business associates. The police took us, we testified as witnesses and, when it turned out that we didn’t even know them, they let us go, “said Vincic after being acquitted of any type of crime.

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