The four most controversial interviews of ‘El loco de la Colina’, Jesús Quintero’s program

Jesus Quintero He was the king of silences, something that became his hallmark over the years in his programs. After his death, we reviewed the four interviews plus polemics and what else did they have to talk about the fool on the Hill and of their programs in TV.

Juan Joya, El Risitas

Although Martian Chronicles and other programs knew how to take advantage of this comedian’s pull, his great discoverer was Quintero, who took him on many occasions to his programs, so much so that he became one of his regular collaborators.

Fame led him to participate in Torrente 3, by Santiago Segura, and his humor crossed the borders of Spain. In addition to going viral in France and the United States, he unintentionally starred in a video of the muslim brothersa fundamentalist group.

Here you can see his first interview in The Wandereras his program was called in the year 2000.

Manuel Reyes, Pozi

Another of Jesús Quintero’s discoveries and who ended up starring in one of the first viral videos on the internet. Although his conversations were difficult to understand, everyone remembers his tagline “Pozí” and the mythical “Ama Rosa”, taken from a soap opera.

Rafael Escobedo

Applauded and criticized in equal parts for this interview, Jesús Quintero managed to sit down with the man convicted of the murder of the Marquises of Urquijo. It was his last appearance on television before committing suicide, something that he hinted at in his words: «The only thing I need to finish is the little box with the little cross on it. The rest, practically, I have achieved everything ».

Came to interview a bull

«Toro, do you hate the bullfighter?», «What do you think about when you are in the bullring?» or “would you like the bullfighting festival to disappear?” , are some of the questions that he asked a bull from the burladero. Jesús Quintero did what is probably the first and only interview with a bull.

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