‘Enemiga del pueblo’, the Nordic crime series premieres on Filmin

Nordic series have great followers on all streaming platforms and that is why some become one of the strengths of their catalog. Successful Nordic series in recent years such as Ragnarök, Easy money, Katla, Trapped either quicksandamong many. filmin It just premiered on Tuesday, October 4, exclusively in Spain, the Serie enemy of the people a criminal drama shot between Finland and Barcelona.

A series directed by Mikko Kuparinen that tells the story of Katja (Kreeta Salminen), a journalist who becomes the enemy of the people when writes an article criticizing an ex-football player adored in a Finnish city.


The dangers of journalism

The protagonist of the series is the journalist Katja who has written a somewhat critical article about a former football player who is an idol in a Finnish city. Trouble arises when the former footballer, who appears to be involved in cryptocurrency shenanigans, is found dead in his swimming pool at his Barcelona home. According to Filmin’s synopsis: “The journalist becomes the target of a fierce campaign of harassment and discredit. Seeking the truth, Katja risks not only her reputation, but her life as well.”

The Serie enemy of the people immerses himself in the complex world of investigative journalism in which fake news, scams and cryptocurrencies now play a major role. The series delves into how the Internet “becomes a well of lies and conspiracy theories gain ground,” according to executive producer Roope Lehtinen.


The distribution of enemy of the people

The Enemy of the People series cAccount in the cast with the Catalan actors Aina Clotet (Somebody’s filla), Raül Tortosa (Acacias 38), Lluis Altes (The corridor) and Eloi Catalan (stoyan). Also in this fiction are the Finnish actors Kreeta Salminen, Tobias Zilliacus, Karoliina Blackburn and Jussi Partanen.

enemy of the people consists of 8 episodes of 45 minutes which is available for subscribers of the Filmin streaming platform as of October 4 in VE (Version dubbed into Spanish) and in VOSE (Original Version Subtitled in Spanish). A different criminal Nordic series and the Filmin streaming platform’s bets for this October along with the series Hotel Europe and season 2 of Blinded and the movies Fantasies of a writer, A love in Scotland, Moneyboys, Close to your enemy, The third finds either Oliver’s Universeamong other.

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