Dani Martín, protagonist after stealing one of his most precious guitars in full tour

Dani Martín continues immersed in his tour called How expensive is time?. In one of his last stops, specifically in Murcia, the artist from Madrid suffered a robbery just before the concert began, something that he wanted to denounce once he was on stage.

The artist explained in full concert that just a few minutes before going on stage, a very special guitar had been stolen for him. And it is that this instrument has accompanied him all his life and it was the instrument with which he had composed many of his greatest hits.

Far from getting angry, the artist defined the thief who had just stolen his guitar as “Someone who is rotten inside” In addition, with great irony, he pointed out that at least he hoped that his precious guitar would be used to buy food.

Through his social networks, Dani Martín published a message on his social networks asking for collaboration to find the guitar: «My guitar has been stolen, the one that has accompanied me from El Canto until today. The robbery occurred in the bullring of Murcia. If you find it in any second-hand store, that you know that the theft is reported», wrote the artist.

However, despite this incident just before the concert, Dani Martín assured that he enjoyed the concert in Murcia like “a dwarf”. In this way, he has once again shown that he is living uOne of his most special tours, although there are people who try to spoil it. ç

It should be remembered that it is the first time that Dani Martín has suffered a robbery this year, two months ago the artist had his wallet stolen in which he carried an object of great sentimental value, a medal with a photo of his sister, something that, as he himself has explained, he has not been able to recover.

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