“We are not going to allow them to limit our fiscal autonomy”

The president of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Morenohas defended this Monday the bet of his Executive for a minor tax pressure in the community against the contrary strategy of the Sanchez Governmentwhich advocates making the highest incomes pay more and thus dilute the tax reform of the Andalusian Government.

«We will not allow them to limit our fiscal autonomy under no circumstances”, Moreno proclaimed during a speech in Seville during a visit to the works of the future Heineken-Engie solar thermal plant.

The Chairman of the Board reiterated this Monday his conviction in the fiscal policy that your Government has undertaken, which revolves around the 100% discount on the wealth tax to promote new taxpayers in personal income tax.

“The Andalusian Government is doing everything on its part so that our companies are increasingly competitive”, Moreno pointed out, convinced that otherwise “they will not be able to generate employment or prosper in their field and, therefore, we will fail”. “Companies have to do their part, innovate, move forward”, so that “we, as an administration, remove all the obstacles that stand in the way”, claimed the Andalusian leader. “We continue working so that the administrative obstacles do not end up drowning the entrepreneurship», he insisted.

Moreno has projected the work of the Board to promote business activity in the fact of “reforming so that Andalusians and those who reside here fiscally pay less taxes», a purpose that he has described as «a titanic and «reformist effort of the Andalusian Government» aimed at «converting Andalusia in a competitive land».

Likewise, the head of the regional Executive has made it clear that “our Portuguese neighbours”, whom he has described as “a natural competitor” of Andalusiahave given this day “a turn of the screw by lowering the tax pressure”, which has been placed in the Corporation Tax and in a reduction in IRPF sections.

“They do well looking for formulas to be more friendly, pleasant, more attractive for investment”, Moreno has indicated regarding the portugal tax strategy.

In this sense, the president of the Board has pointed out that in Andalusia “we have reduced 400 procedures” and pointed out on the horizon “the fourth decree of administrative simplification at the end of the year”, since the region still has room to “advance further”.

“Bureaucracy is one of the great problems in the economic sphere”, Moreno underlined, noting that the Andalusian Government’s strategy to attract investments “It is bearing fruit” in areas such as artificial intelligence, digitization or sustainability. «Andalusia is today the best destination to invest, a promising land. We are ambitious on all fronts”, Moreno has sentenced.

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