The trick to remove the highlighter from your notes

When we have an important exam before us, one of those that we must pass and there is no other option, we usually use the classic highlighter to highlight the most important passages of the text and thus memorize them. It also happens at work, in order to highlight what we want. Now you should know How to remove the highlighter from your notes.

Within a few hours those study sheets may be completely marked with highlighter. So, if you want to lend them to someone else, you will have to resort to a photocopy of the contents. Or get rid of the marker.

Then you will wonder how it is possible to remove the highlighter, and what products are needed for it.

How to remove highlighter from your notes

This trick appeared on Instagram and we owe it to the user @ronald_gomezlop, who shared it on his account.

It basically consists of taking advantage of the properties of a classic food such as lemon to erase any remaining traces of highlighter in a text sheet from which we studied for an upcoming test.

In the video uploaded to this social network, which already has millions of views, we can see how said user writes some notes marked with the classic yellow highlighter And just by dropping a few drops of lemon juice on top of the highlighted text, the highlighter magically disappears without leaving a trace.

The content quickly went viral in other platforms like Facebook or TikTok, and there are many enthusiastic students who verified how, in an effective way, they can recover their notes with this methodology. That, regardless of the color of the marker, which has no impact on the result achieved.

Another way to get the highlighter with lemon

If you’re afraid that a copious amount of lemon juice will ruin your pages but you still need the highlighter to stop bothering you, then you should try gently inserting a cotton swab into a lemon, waiting for a few seconds and applying slight pressure if necessary, until the juice is absorbed.

When you have done it, you simply have to pass it gently through the notes in the underlined parts. It may take a bit longer because the juice flow rate is lower, but it should still work.

In this way you can recover your text sheets to lend them to someone else or return them to their original owner without the latter knowing they were underlined. Without a doubt, one of those tricks that you should master if you are a student.

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