The trick to make French fries in the microwave and make them have more flavor

The potatoes are one of the foods that we tend to like the most, however, they also have a “bad reputation” since they are said to make them fat especially when fried, but the truth is that we can make potatoes in a thousand ways without having to go through the frying pan. For example in the oven or also in the microwavein fact there is a method to make delicious French fries in the microwave and also with a trick to make them have more flavor.

Trick to make French fries in the microwave

There are several microwave ovens on the market, there are those with basic functions, such as those that only serve to heat, but there are also those with integrated grill and finally some even have the cooking function ventilated.

In this way, if your microwave has grill or cooking functions, you could perfectly make boiled potatoes (in a container with water) with skin or cut into cubes, but also you could make them fried in the event that you cut them into strips and place them at maximum power for 5 minutes.

You take them out, but being careful not to burn yourself, remove and you put them back again in the microwave at full power another five minutes.

Once the first ten minutes have passed, take out the potatoes and check how they are. You may still have to put them in for another couple or three minutes, but before you do that, you should apply the trick with which you are going to get them to have more flavour.

The trick so that the potatoes have more flavor

Before putting the potatoes back in the microwave, what you have to do is season them with a little pepper and a little spice that can go well with potatoes, like some rosemary, thyme or paprika. You can also add a pinch of salt.

Now, once the indicated two or three minutes have passed, it will be time to finally take the fries out of the microwave and check how they are. Surely you will not believe that they are so rich and also with such an intense flavor.

Finally, note that even if you make the potatoes in the microwave They require a little oil. Specifically, when you have the potatoes peeled and cut into strips, put them in a microwave-safe container and add three tablespoons of olive oil. The rest will be the steps that we have already indicated.

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