result and winning number today, Monday, October 3, 2022

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado is currently celebrating the Today’s Bonoloto draw, Monday, October 3, 2022. In a few moments you will be able to check the winning number and the result that the Bonoloto boat today.

The Bonoloto raffles They are held every day of the week except Sunday from 9:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m. if you are in the Canary Islands.

How to play Bonoloto

For play Bonoloto You must select at least 6 numbers (from 1 to 49) and a refund (from 0 to 9) that is automatically generated by the Central Lottery Systems. But this is not all because there are several methods to play and be able to have more options to win the pot:

  • Simple bets: Simple bets are those in which only 6 numbers are selected and up to 8 bets can be played on the same ticket.
  • Multiple bets: These are bets in which more than six numbers are selected -with a maximum of 11- or only 5 numbers per bet. In this case, the amount of the Bonoloto ticket will vary according to the combinations marked.

The price of each bet to play the Bonoloto is 0.50 euros, however, you need to play at least 1 euro, so you have several options: get a ticket for a single draw with at least two bets or participate in several draws that week.

Operation of the Bonoloto draw

In each Bonoloto raffle 6 balls numbered between 1 and 49 are drawn from the same drum and will be the ones that indicate the winning number. Subsequently, a seventh ball is drawn that corresponds to the complementary number. From another drum, a ball is drawn (from 0 to 9) that will indicate the refund that will form the winning combination. In a few minutes you will be able to check the results of the Bonoloto today on this same page.

Bonoloto Awards

First of all, what you should know is that the Bonoloto prize depends on the jackpot collected on each bet, so it will never be the same. Once this has been clarified, we will explain how the prizes in this draw work.

The Bonoloto prizes have several categories that we detail below:

  • 1st Category (6 hits): You will get the prize if you have hit 6 numbers on the ticket and it is distributed equally among all the winning tickets.
  • 2nd Category (5 hits + complementary): It is for those tickets that have matched 5 numbers and the complementary
  • 3rd Category: 12% of the collection is distributed among all the tickets that have 5 hits.
  • 4th Category: The winners will be those tickets that have 4 numbers that match the winning combination
  • 5th Category: It is paid with 4 euros per bet to those tickets that have 3 hits
  • Reimbursement: If you hit the reimbursement, you get the amount of the bet.

How to buy a Bonoloto ticket

To get your Bonoloto ticket, you just have to go to the official State Lotteries and Gambling administrations or do it through its website. In both cases you will have the option to choose your numbers (except the refund), or you can generate automatic bets.

What should you do if your Bonoloto ticket is awarded

In case of having a prize in the Bonoloto draw, there are several systems to collect it.

  • In case the prize is less than 2,000 euros you can collect it without any type of withholding in a State Lotteries and Gambling administration. In case you have purchased your ticket for the Bonoloto through the web, the money will be deposited in your Lotobolsa and you can transfer it directly to your bank account.
  • For those prizes over 2,000 euros, the winner must go to one of the bank offices authorized by SELAE to obtain their money. There he must present his ticket and his identification in order to take his prize. If you have been very lucky and have obtained a prize of more than 40,000 euros, you must bear in mind that withholding taxes may apply.

Refering to deadline to collect the prize of a Bonoloto draw winner there is a period of three months from the day of the draw. Usually, the prize is paid immediately at the State Lottery and Gambling administrations in cash. In the case of banks, the delivery of money is also usually done immediately, although through a check or transfer to a bank. Loterías y Apuestas del Estado recalls that financial entities cannot charge management fees or commission for said management.

In those cases in which the prize is subject to withholdings, the winner will receive the net amount of the prize, from which the corresponding part required by the Ministry of Finance will have already been subtracted.

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