couple, parents and children of the actor of ‘When leaving class’

Fernando Andina He is one of the actors with the most successful careers in the world of our country’s series. However, the actor got the bug to demonstrate his skills in the kitchen by signing up for Master Chef Celebrity 7 as a contestantas did Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Raquel Meroño.

The private life of Fernando Andina

In the year 1976 Fernando Andina came to the world in Madrid and his discovery by the world of interpretation came in the middle of a trip to the United States, where he went to study because his father was transferred to Mexico for his work. His drama teacher there asked him to return to Spain to train in Spanish and then come back.

He listened to her, but only partially. Fernando returned to Spain to study at one of the best-known schools of the 1990s, but he never returned to the United States. When tosorrows had finished forming an opportunity came to him in the series Afterclass.

He gave life to Mateo, one of the most remembered bad guys in the series. His character ran over one of the friends of the character played by Alejo Sauras. Also he would end up marrying Diana Palazón in a remembered 1,000th chapter of the series.

May 22
Fernando Andina

That was the beginning of a great career as an actor in many titles, being one of the fashionable actors of the early 2000s. The Commissioner, Without boobs there is no paradise, Gavilanes, Physics or chemistry, Imperium, Gran Reserva, Live Singing, Six Sisters either Love is forever are some of the most famous in which he has participated.

In the world of cooking, he recognizes that he has no experience, but surely the team greener coffeerestaurant of which he is a member, will have been able to show him something.

Fernando Andina
Fernando Andina

Fernando Andina’s current partner

Without a known partner, Fernando Andina has a pending project in his life. In addition to finding love, the actor intends to reform a cabin in Cantabria that bought years ago and that due to its economy has not yet been able to undertake.

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