“Brugge scored four goals against Porto…”

Diego Pablo Simeone and Koke appeared in the press room of the Jan Breydelstadion of witches this Monday to analyze the next duel of the Atletico Madrid on the Champions League. The rojiblanco team will face Club Bruges this Tuesday from 9:00 p.m. on the third day of the group stage of the Champions League.

Nahuel Molina

“What of Molina It was a cramp and today in training we will see how he is and we will decide what we have best to face tomorrow’s game».


«It was a complex game that we played here a few years ago, they have a great coach, with a very good style and a lot of offensive play. They have a lot of people in a rival field and it is generating them to have won three leagues in a row plus compete in Champions League. Score four goals in the field of Port speaks for itself of what he has witches».

system change

“We’re on our way to eleven years here and I don’t remember a game in which we haven’t changed the system from one game to another. We are not doing anything strange, we are looking for the best solutions for the team and now we will look for what we think is best for tomorrow’s game.


«Matheus Cunha He is a player who has been making merits in training, we gave him the opportunity to play in a new position for him, although he had already done so in his previous team. I saw several matches of how he had done it and we decided to look for a different situation. We reflect it on his day with Adrian and Diego Costa, but there are different possibilities that the team gives us. I liked it, we saw content in his first game because he has much more, with more time and games he will do better.

For his part, Koke, captain of the Atletico Madridalso analyzed the duel against witches on the third day of the group stage of the Champions League. The midfielder became the player with the most appearances with the red and white jersey in all of history this past weekend.

«Each game is different, we have the hope of playing a good game and trying to win it. It’s what they pay us for and we come with great enthusiasm, clear ideas, what happened the other day gave us a lot of confidence and we have to feel identified with what we do. Hopefully we can play a great game tomorrow.”

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