The Jaén boss who called the Civil Guard “riffraff and drunks” and who is being investigated again for homicide

  • In 2013, the Judicial Police found the earmuffs of a disappeared immigrant on one of his farms. He assured that they were from his sister

  • Agents also found 330 grams of marijuana. She said in court that she had grown up alone in the yard

  • On that occasion, the Justice found no conclusive evidence of the death of the seasonal worker from Mali and the employer was acquitted. Now, they re-register their land for a similar disappearance

Until Wednesday afternoon, the Civil Guard worked with dogs, tracked farms and homes, and now awaits the specific results of the analyzes to find out if any of the samples that were taken in the different scenarios can provide clues about the whereabouts of the day laborer missing. Or at least what could happen to him. For the moment, the owner of the farms has not even been arrested, nor has a statement been taken.

However, the antecedents are not encouraging, since the case seems to be traced to the one that this boss already starred in 2013, and from which he was acquitted. According to the listeners of that time, revealed by the program Black Territory, the investigation revealed that V. had some knowledge of police investigation methods, partly thanks to a relative who was a police officer. “The most possible thing is that he left, that he is laughing. One day he will be registered with Social Security, ”said the then-investigated person about the disappearance of the young man. Tidiani Coulibaly. But the temp from Mali never did. Nine years after his disappearance, his current accounts are still without any movement, and his cousin, who came to Spain with him years ago in an experience that made them inseparable, still has no news. “Those from Mali are scoundrels,” she said then on the phone, in some wiretaps in which she referred to the agents who were investigating her as “riffraff, drunks, freeloaders, disgusting and beggars.”

Your sister’s earmuffs

On that occasion, the agents even found evidence that pointed to the missing person in one of the family’s farms, known as La Moratilla. there the January the 10th, 2014 Two dogs from the canine unit named Dzana and Elton spotted earmuffs in the trees. In addition, one of the dogs specialized in tracking blood marked one of the olive trees on the same piece of land. In his first statement, the employer assured that the garment belonged to his sister, but the agents sent a request to Mali to compare the DNA of the earmuffs with a sample taken from the family of the deceased. In addition, the Civil Guard maintained that the disappeared person had never been on that farm, something that the employer denied. However, in the wiretaps and according to the journalistic work of Manuel Marlasca and Luis Rendueles, recognizes that the laborer had never been there and that there are two options: either someone has put the garment there to incriminate him, or one of his dogs had taken it from a van and later left it on the farm.

According to the summary of the case, the Civil Guard also located 330 grams of marijuana in one of the records. Given the discovery, the employer declared that the plant had grown alone in the courtyard of a bar he owned and that he used it to alleviate the knee pain of a direct relative.

After the trial, the investigation was not sufficient and GVL was acquitted of the crime of homicide, despite being convicted of illegal exploitation after the treatment received by the workers on their farms. NowThe Civil Guard awaits the results of criminalistics to confirm or deny if, finally, history repeats itself again.

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