The FIA ​​sanctions Sergio Pérez, but allows him to keep his victory

Sergio Perez you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Mexican has been confirmed as the winner of the Singapore Grand Prix despite the five-second penalty imposed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for a safety car offence. The organization has been kind to the pilot of Red Bullsince he has only been sanctioned once despite committing the same offense twice.

Specifically, the double violation of the regulation committed by Perez was not keeping the mandatory ten-car distance on the safety car. One of the infractions has been punished with five seconds of gramaven, but the other has been settled with a simple reprimand by the stewards.

Czech‘ knew he could suffer such a penalty and pushed hard in the closing laps of the race at Singapore to extend your advantage over charles leclerc, Second classified. His maneuver was decisive, as the final lead grew to more than seven seconds over the Monegasque at the finish line. Discounted the five of the punishment, he had plenty of time to confirm his victory.

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