Samantha Vallejo-Nágera criticized on social networks for a video in which she scolds her son

  • The chef and judge of ‘Masterchef’ recorded her son Roscón crying inconsolably when he was punished for secretly watching television

  • Social networks did not take long to echo the video and both anonymous people and public figures showed their disgust

  • Faced with the barrage of criticism, Samantha decided to delete the Instagram post, in which she justified the content

Social networks have caused a furor with Samantha Vallejo-Nágerachef and recognized face of television as a judge of master chefwho has been the target of harsh criticism when exposing his son Roscónwith Down syndrome, in a shared video where the young man cries inconsolably after punish him for secretly watching television.

Samantha decides to punish himwhich provokes the crying of the child, who he explains between sobs that he doesn’t like it. “I don’t want it,” she adds. In response, he asks her to convince him to behave, although Roscón evades the subject and tells her that he has not had the aperitif. To which his mother replies that it is because he secretly watched TV.

Finally, the chef asks him if he prefers to continue in front of the screen or have the appetizer, so he keeps the latter once he has recovered from his initial tears. “It’s very dramatic, don’t be scared. She always finds a good excuse to dodge a fight”, explained Samantha in the description of the video, which has caused a barrage of criticism, which is why she has decided to remove it from her Instagram wall. Although the short time it has been published has been enough to echo the scene, with reproaches between anonymous people and public figures.

faces known as Mercedes Mila, did not take long to respond by not understanding the grace of this type of content. “Don’t do that to him, much less record itPlease,” he recommended. Something similar to the message Adara Miller: “You make him cry for watching TV, you scare him by punishing him and on top of that you record him and upload it. I think you should respect him and his privacy”.

Samantha’s Justification

Samantha stepped out and explained about the shared images. “Last night I posted this video of Roscón [el apodo de Patrick] because I am amused by the ability it has to change the chip and turn the tables by changing a drama for an appetizer. I educate my son day by day so that he is a good person and that he follows the rules of my house like everyone else,” he acknowledged before completely deleting the video.

“Really, Do not make the things a mess. I get a lot of good and funny things from him and also from time to time the ‘chickens’ he rides for nonsense. In addition to helping many families face the education of their children with Down’s Syndrome (which I assure you are very much reflected in his day-to-day), I also think that nothing happens with setting limits and educating my children, “he concluded.

But the criticism continued to mount Anabel Pantoja He also replied: “Of course. it’s okay to set limits and educate your son, but in privacy, and then, if you want, tell your followers about it, the tricks and experiences. But, my daughter, can’t you see that he is not aware of the impact that this video can have? “, she lamented.

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