Rich and artisan prepared food for the stressed of life

It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or in a much smaller population: the pace of life is complicated, frenetic and leaves little room for things as necessary as eating well and richly. If you spend eight hours at work, spend another good time in the car or on public transport and have to attend to your offspring, if you have them, designing fairly elaborate, balanced, healthy and good dishes is very complicated. It might seem that it is difficult to be a full-time gourmet, and very expensive, but today we are here to propose any idea of ​​good prepared food brands if you don’t give them life, at reasonable prices and with the homemade touch that you deserve. And healthy, healthy, now we want to be like oaks and never die.

A brand that is doing things very well is rich field, a company from Burguillos (Seville) specializing in finished vegetable dishes that are scary. They do not use artificial preservatives or dyes, and they prepare delicacies such as roasted red peppers (sublime), ratatouille, spinach with chickpeas, sautéed broccoli or a lot of purées that, with these cold temperatures, are scary. They just released one line of salads with a very comfortable formatand prepared as God commands, with its EVOO and without junk that is harmful to health.

Prepared food at a good price

There are exotic ones such as mango and beetroot, or as Andalusian as the classic, infallible papas aliñás. They have their vegan, kosher and halal stamps, and a BIO rangewith ingredients from certified organic farming, for those who also want to pamper the planet.

Another company that will save you more than one dinner or brunch is Galician Campomayor. They started in 1942 with a small poultry farm with 300 hens, and today they are a benchmark for food innovation around the egg: they collaborate with the CSIC itself. They were the first, in 2017, to launch the standardized low-temperature egg for the final consumer (at that time, it was only marketed for haute cuisine). The result is luxurious: an egg with a honeyed yolk and curdled white, which regenerates in a flash. With a warm muffin with ham, or with an avocado if you are a fan of this fruit, is scared. They also sell eggs enriched with Omega 3, which is very useful if you are an ovolactic vegetarian and do not eat fish.

Prepared food at a good price

A benchmark of good prepared food is, of course, Senén González and her famous tortillas. It began in 2011, bringing the rich pintxos, tapas and the award-winning tortilla from its famous Sagartoki restaurant to the general public. In the last decade has It has been adding prizes and successes, and a couple of years ago it won the honor of having the best tortilla on the supermarket shelf, according to the OCU. But it is that recently he has brought out a great invention: the canned tortilla, with the best ingredients (EVOO, free-range eggs, salt, potato and onion) but packaged to preserve it, without cold, for 12 months. Erasmus, foreign visitors and stressed of life without desire to cook we can be satisfied. And another little tip: don’t miss the fried egg pintxo, it’s like a mother’s caress on the stomach.

The nuts are now the new manna, because they give enough energy to endure 40 years or more in the desert, which is more or less the caloric equivalent of runners or those who are hooked on crossfit, which has to have everything. If you eat a good amount, you’ll know they’re not cheap (unless you’re basically eating peanuts). If you want reasonable prices, good quality and curious flavors, take a look at the nut&me website.

They sell all kinds of things online. almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews and all kinds of mixesand even flours made with these foods (the almond one goes phenomenally in confectionery).

And if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the dried fruit creams, with proposals as sweet as the one that tastes like a cinnamon roll, golden milk (turmeric) or the one that tastes like a biscuit, which actually contains almonds, cashews and dates. Get fat, get fat But healthy and rich are a while.

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