Recruitment at the border, 180 Russians are called up when they tried to flee to Georgia

  • The Russian region of North Ossetia has declared a state of alert

  • Only residents, tourists with supporting documentation and Georgian citizens are allowed to enter with vehicles

  • The Russian men tried to flee the recruitment ordered by the Russian authorities

The authorities from the Russian region of north ossetia have delivered call-up notifications to 180 Russian men who intended to cross the border into Georgia and thus flee from the ordered recruitment by the Russian authorities.

The Military Recruitment Office at the Alto Lars border crossing has delivered more than 180 citations to men trying to cross the borderas explained by the military deputy commissioner of North Ossetia, April Abdulayev, quoted by the Russian news agency Interfax.

The agency has reported long queues of several kilometers of vehicles of Russian citizens trying to cross into Georgia. The region has declared state of alert and only allowed entry with vehicles in North Ossetia to residents, tourists with supporting documentation and citizens Georgians.

The partial call-up of 300,000 men announced by President Vladimir Putin has caused an exodus of tens of thousands of would-be recruits who have fled the country to Georgia, Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan.

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