JxCat and ERC exhaust the negotiation and bring the Government closer to the precipice

The time to save the Government is running out. Aware of this, the two separatist partners of the coalition have sought throughout this Sunday a minimum agreement impossible to reach between official acts of one and the other coinciding with the contest of castles of Tarragona. The president Pere Aragonese and the general secretary of JXCat, Jordi Turull, have met with the desire to bring positions closer together. But the result has been the opposite. Asked why they see more feasible, late in the day, sources from both parties agreed that “the time to break is approaching”. The question now is when and how it is staged.

Last week, during the extraordinary meeting of the Government, Aragonés gave his partners 48 hours to decide what they wanted to do about whether or not to continue in the cabinet. This period was interrupted, after the dismissal of the former vice president Jordi Puigneroand the announcement by JXCat that they were going to submit a new proposal to the president. The document arrived at the Palau de la Generalitat on Friday with a new deadline, in this case set by Junts, and which ends this Sunday night. Without an agreement, tomorrow, the leadership will approve the consultation with their bases so that they decide whether to break or not.

Neither in the Palau de la Generalitat, nor in the headquarters of Esquerra Republicana and Junts per Catalunya, are they optimistic about reversing the situation throughout this morning. With cross accusations between both formationssome accusing their partners of stagnant and others of not wanting to reach an agreement, the solution that gains more strength to settle this political and institutional crisis is the rupture. JXCat’s latest proposal, which this Sunday its general secretary Jordi Turull transferred to Aragonés, is considered “unaffordable” by the head of the regional executive.

Among the initial demands that Turull carried in the folder with which he went to the meeting with Aragonés, and with which he intended to start the negotiation, was the restitution of the former president of the Generalitat Jordi Puignero – fired by the president last Wednesday for disloyal. In addition, the junteros demand that the so-called Council for the Republic-that controls Carles Puigdemont– The center of the pro-independence strategic coordination space and comply with the three agreements of the investiture pact: coordination in Congress, recovering the strategic space and that in the dialogue table with the Government only address amnesty and self-determination.

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