“It is pummeled to scratch votes”

The general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, and the President of the Junta de Andalucía and the Andalusian PP (PP-A), Juanma Moreno, have responded this Sunday to the attacks of the Government of Pedro Sanchez to the communities that have chosen to lower taxes, such as the one governed by Moreno. For this reason, the president of the Executive has taken a wave of whoops by both of bendodo like Dark. The first has accused Sánchez of attacking the middle classes with his tax plan, while the second has said that the Socialists “will seem like witchcraft for someone to keep his word.”

Bendodo has ensured that “80 percent of taxpayers are excluded from their selective reduction of personal income tax» and has stated that the PSOE “has made merits to lose the street”, since Sanchez “He likes the heights of the Falcon and not the street.”

This was stated by Bendodo this Sunday at the closing of the 16th Provincial Congress of the PP of Seville, in which the President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, and where he has reiterated that the Prime Minister it is being “podemized” to “scratch votes on the left.”

«Sánchez is podemizing himself to scratch votes on the left»

“From so high, Pedro Sanchez can’t see the cracks that socialism has created. It is a fact that wherever Sánchez goes they boo him”, Bendodo specified, who, on the contrary, has extolled the figure of Juanma Moreno, who “is eaten in the street” because he has shown “that he is with the problems of the people”.

During his speech, the ‘popular’ coordinator has differentiated the two models that exist in Spain to help the population. “The PP model is lower taxes and we have managed to create employment and wealth, in addition to collecting more because more is consumed, which leads to greater investment in public services. However, the PSOE is more than raising taxes to fatten up the administration », he pointed out.

In this regard, he stressed that the tax cut “goes in the DNA of the PP” and has argued that “it is the shortest way to help people at times like this with such high inflation. “It’s common sense. Governments must help, not push harder », she stressed.

About the PP model, bendodo has warned Sánchez that his party is “revealing” to him because there are socialists who have realized that the ‘popular’ “are right.” «The first one who has shown his paw has been Ximo Puig in the Valencian Community but the governments of Aragon, the Canary Islands or Extremadura have also followed him”.

This situation, in the words of the PP coordinator, has forced Pedro Sánchez to stop “an internal revolution” and that is why “taxes will be lowered a little.” “You have to be a kamikaze to see thousands of families having a hard time and not wanting to help them,” he commented. He has also accused the government of collecting 22.5 billion euros more than expected in the first nine months of the year and not putting it at the service of the people.

«Why don’t they return it to society to pay for electricity, gas or the shopping basket? It is common sense and it is not about ideology, “he pointed out. Finally, Elijah Bendodo He has asserted that Spain needs the Andalusian PP and has recalled that the ‘popular’ victories are preceded by two municipal victories: in 1995 and in 2011. «Now the immediate goal before the general elections is that we have to go out and win these municipal and regional elections and recover mayorships. That is the prelude for the PP to lead Spain’s recovery policies », he emphasized.

Juanma Moreno

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has responded this Sunday to the “insults” of the Government of Pedro Sánchezwhich this past Saturday, at the La Toja-Vínculo Atlántico Forum, accused the regional governments that are committed to the lowering of taxes for being «witches». “It will seem like witchcraft to them that someone keeps their word,” Moreno pointed out, thus contrasting his sixth tax cut with the abolition of the wealth tax as the main claim – “who can be surprised that he complies with my electoral program?” to the fiscal package announced by Moncloa. “The PP does not call it witchcraft, it calls it democracy”Moreno has remarked, while pointing out that “some are bothered by the fact that Andalusia is the leader.”

At the closing of extraordinary congress of the PP of Seville where Ricardo Sánchez has been proclaimed president of the party in the province, Moreno has once again described the fiscal measures announced by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, days after the Andalusian Government approved the elimination of the tax as “enormous irresponsibility” of heritage. “It has generated uncertainty”has underlined the Andalusian president, who has issued a warning: «I am a man of dialogue, but do not confuse institutional respect with a lack of determination».

«We will give all the possible fight so that they do not attack our fiscal autonomy”, insisted the president of the Board, a message that has been repeated unanimously in the ‘popular’ ranks since the moment in which the Government of Pedro Sánchez has announced bonuses in personal income tax for low incomes and for the self-employed, increases, on the contrary, for high incomes, and a new tax on large fortunes. Faced with this model, Moreno has argued that lowering taxes is a “correct” policy.

The chairman has accused Sanchez of “try to prevent” Andalusia from advancing. “He cannot understand that Andalusia leads a national debate,” he pointed out, while emphasizing that the autonomous community is now being talked about “not by the EREs.” «Andalusia sounds because we have our own model, ambition not to be in the queue. What’s wrong with that?», the president of the Andalusian PP.

«I can not understand so many spokes in the wheel. We want to be leaders and we are achieving important things”, Moreno recalled, listing job creation, exports, and the figures of self-employed workers and companies as the main indicators that show, in his opinion, the “leadership” of Andalusia. For Moreno, these numbers do not draw “a happy arcade” because “We still have a lot to improve”but they are proof that “recipes for tax cuts and reduction of administrative obstacles work.”

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