How to widen a ring that is too small for you

Choosing the perfect ring is a much more complicated task than we might think. First we have to choose a design that we like, but the most difficult thing is to select the corresponding size. This topic deserves a separate mention because in Spain the ring sizes range from 1 to 36, which already gives us an idea of ​​the large number of sizes among which one must be chosen, depending on the diameter of the finger. How to widen a ring that is too small for you.

It is essential to know what the finger size of each person is when buying the ring. But since it is likely to be a gift or surprise, measurements are sometimes approximate.

How to widen a ring that is too small for you

In cases where it is a gift, then it may be that the ring is smaller than expected and, as they are made specifically for each client, most accessory firms will not change it for a smaller one .

First, you must insert the ring on the finger until it gets stuck. As long as the difference between current size and desirable size If it is more than half a size, we recommend you go directly to a jeweler, because so much expansion is required that the material could break.

If the difference is minimal, you will need a specific tool such as the classic ring stretcher. Instruments like this are usually sold in specialized stores, and if you have a significant collection of ring-like accessories It can be a worthwhile investment considering other specimens.

Once you have the ring stretcher, place the hollow bottom of the ring into the base of the ring. Working on a hard surface, put the hollow, grooved part of the ring around the hollow mandrel and insert the metal bar. The ring should fit snugly against the metal surface on the bottom.

Then insert the upper metal bar into the hollow interior of the lower piece, and gently hammer the bar. Little by little, by giving it force, you will be able to open the grooved part, so that the ring opens but evenly.

Then try the ring to see if it fits on the finger and then this process would be finished by being able to widen it without the piece losing its shape or breaking. In any case, and just in case, it is always better to take this ring to the jeweler.

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