“He has turned his back on the citizen”

Residents and merchants of the Pere Garau neighbourhood, where the pedestrian street Nureddune, denounce that the socialist mayor of Palma, José Hila, “has turned his back on the citizen.” This has been stated in a statement in which they value the completion of redevelopment works of this narrow road 275 linear meters where the coalition government of socialists, independentistas of Més and Podemos has spent more than Two millions of euros.

On a blunt note, the platform Pere Garau is older than Nureddunamade up of entities such as Arca, Flipau amb Pere Garau and the trade association of the food market in the most populous neighborhood of the Balearic capital (around 30,000 inhabitants) considers that the millionaire investment «it should have been distributed among other places in Pere Garau and would have been fairer and more democratic, because in Nuredduna the real participation has been prohibited »of the citizenry. For this reason, they reproach the municipal government for “not wanting to dialogue, or listen, imposing their will to take a picture.”

For these entities, which from the first moment opposed this project, the mayor “has acted against the general interest and common sense, and has turned his back on the most active citizens of the neighborhood, represented by Arca and Flipau amb Pere Garauin addition to the market merchants who asked to create a complete civic axis with pedestrian priority and public transport».

“More than two million euros have been spent between costs and extra costs and just yesterday, they planted the only flowers that can be seen in the public space of Pere Garau. To the more than two million it would be necessary to add several tens of thousands of euros in propaganda, such as the video of trees and little birds that, rather than making a street without traffic, seemed to be building the Amazon jungle».

Road traffic congestion

The consequence of the pedestrianization of this small road, which served as a direct connection with the central avenues of Palma, has been the road traffic congestion in the streets inside the neighborhood, in the case of Nicolau de Pacs, loaded with more traffic.

In addition, the cataloged Plaza de las Columnas (Francesc García Orell) without the approval of the Historical Center Commission, has been divided into two, «establishing a space of winners and another of loserssuch as winners and losers, breaking the balanced and patrimonial set of the square and eliminating zebra crossings that in reality does nothing more than harm the agility of pedestrian traffic », the neighborhood platform abounds.

Finally, neighbors and merchants charge against the new paving placed on Nuredduna street, which they say is inappropriate, because it has already been shown that “it is dirty and very difficult to maintain” and they warn that “we will be attentive to how the use of public space, the terraces of entertainment venues, and the transit of scooters and bicycles evolves because, from the outset, one of the bars on this road has already announced that it will lengthen its hours until twelve o’clock at night.”

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