Fernando Alonso: “Why not dream of the podium?”

Fernando Alonso He was very satisfied with his fifth position in the qualifying session of the Singapore Grand Prix, although he has recognized that having behind Max Verstappen it’s bad news. The Spaniard does not limit himself and calls to fight for the podium in Sunday’s race.

great ranking

“I’m very satisfied, doing ‘top 5’ is incredible, but it has not been very fun to drive today in these conditions. Especially in Q3 when we were on dry tires and it was too easy to make a mistake. Getting the most out of the car was super complicated. It was a difficult time trial, but saved.

The uncertainty of Singapore

«We will try to make a strategy to finish in the ‘top 5’. I don’t know exactly who I have behind. Having Max behind means starting sixth, practically. There are always accidents and things that happen here. We are not so far from the podium, why not dream of the podium? DAZN.

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