Amazon rice water shampoo fever! Get healthy and shiny hair

Shampoo is one of the essential hygiene products in our bathroom, whatever type it may be, but it is undoubtedly necessary to be able to have correct hair hygiene. The Amazon rice water shampoo has unleashed a real madness, a perfect product to have healthy and shiny hair every day.

Amazon is the world’s leading online shopping platform, pioneers of a buying and selling system that has positioned itself as one of the favorites for millions of people and that generates millions of transactions every day in practically every country on the planet.

The Amazon Rice Water Shampoo You Have To Try

Its about Replle Shampoo Barsa rice shampoo in bar format made by hand and with natural ingredients that is sweeping sales thanks to its fantastic properties and to leave your hair healthy and shiny… it will look spectacular every day!

Amazon rice water shampoo fever!  Get healthy and shiny hair

This rice water shampoo from Amazon is suitable for all types of hair, whether straight, wavy or curly, whether it is dry or more hydrated, without a doubt a marvel worth trying. From the EELHOE brand, each pill is priced at €10.89and ingredients such as rice, coconut butter, coconut, bamboo, rice oil and aloe vera, mainly.

How to make rice water at home

A type of shampoo is sweeping social networks, Google searches and sales platforms, where it has already positioned itself as one of the best sellers. It is a shampoo with many benefits that even makes many people wonder if you can wash your head with rice water at home, in the absence of that shampoo.

If you have not bought the shampoo yet, or you have bought it but you have not received it, you can resort to washing your hair with rice water, yes, with the rice water that you cook at home… the results will be incredible! These are the steps you have to follow to wash your hair with rice water:

  1. Boil rice as usual.
  2. Once the rice is ready, strain it and let the water settle in an airtight jar.
  3. When the water is completely cold, you can use it on your hair, preferably after applying the shampoo, even with damp hair.
  4. Let the water act between 5-20 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

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