This is the new toilet to increase productivity at work

When we thought we had seen everything, someone has had the brilliant idea of ​​inventing a toilet designed to increase worker productivity that has surprised the whole world. Some companies report that their employees waste too much time in the bathroom, so they are sure to be interested in welcoming this toilet into their facilities.

The “productive” toilet

The so-called “productive” toilet is not very different from a toilet like the one we all know. It only has one detail that makes it much more uncomfortable: instead of sitting 90 degrees off the ground, like a regular seat, it’s angled downwards 13 degrees.

This ensures that you have to sit on it with all your body weight on your thighs. Without a doubt, a very uncomfortable position that prevents workers from sitting in it for more than five minutes.

The tilted toilet proposal is not new. What’s more, in 2019 it was born in the United Kingdom by the hand of Mahabir Gill, who baptized it with the name of ‘Standard Toilet’. Speaking to the ‘BBC’, he said that the idea had come to him on a road trip, when he wanted to go to a bathroom but there was a huge queue.

They have now developed a tilted toilet in the United Statesand the company responsible for marketing it explains the following: “All of our toilets are designed with our unique steep slope designed to help users spend less time on the toilet”.

Furthermore, he adds that this toilet is beneficial for health because “increases the well-being and productivity of employees in the workplace”.

The user Alan Barroso He has been the one who has shared an image of this curious invention on Twitter with the following message: «In the US they have developed a tilted toilet to prevent you from spending more than 5 minutes in it and thus make «workers more productive». Capitalism robs you until it’s time to shit.

As expected, the reactions in the social network have not been long in coming. There are opinions for all tastes, but most are negative towards the “productive” toilet, and there are even those who consider it to be “torture at work”.

It was in the year 1775 when Alexander Cummings patented the modern toilet, which incorporated a siphon in the drain. Since then, this element has evolved a lot. Will the inclined toilet now triumph in companies to increase the productivity of their workers?

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