The 4 Spanish towns that you will never want to visit: they hide terrifying stories

The party is coming up Halloween and although in Spain is not a tradition as in fact it is in USA, the truth is that more and more people decide to plan something terrifying for the night of October 31. Plans that serve to pass some fear on the night before the celebration of All Saintshow to discover these 4 Spanish towns that we now reveal to you and that you may think twice before visiting them since They hide terrifying stories.

The most terrifying Spanish towns

There are many towns in emptied Spain where you may think twice before entering them. Aged towns, that are abandoned and that are scary, but among these we can find some that, aside from their scary appearance, hide terrifying stories Would you dare to visit any of these four towns?

Belchite, Aragon

The town of Belchite is perhaps the scariest town of all in Spain. Located south of Zaragoza, it was completely destroyed during the Spanish Civil War in 1937 and today it remains practically the same as when it was abandoned after the bombing it suffered. Although it remains uninhabited, the skeletal remains of its church, houses, and school are said to be home to more than a few otherworldly spirits. In fact, several ghost hunters have been able to record sounds and voices after spending the (cold) night sleeping rough in the town.

Ochate, Burgos

Ochate It is another abandoned town of which the legend exists, as a result of an article written by one of the locals, Prudencio Muguruza in 1982, of how suffered three epidemics what toThey took the lives of all its inhabitants.

For years the legend was fed by the testimony of people who said they had heard voices in the village and in particular that of a woman and a girl who said «kanpora» which in Basque means «come out».

However, in 2007 a book called “Ochate, reality legend of the cursed town” was published, in which it was explained that no disease had left the town without a population, but that in reality the town had remained almost “in the middle of nowhere” and therefore, its inhabitants abandoned it to go to the city.

Despite this, horror stories about the town continue to be heard and the truth is that visiting it is at least somewhat creepy.

Sworn farmhouse, Malaga

On the outskirts of Malaga there is not a town but this gothic mansion that although it was owned by the wealthy Heredia family of La Rioja, It has quite a bloody past. in it, five young women were tortured and murdered.

Between 1890 and 1920, several young women disappeared who were said to have been tortured for satanic rituals in the aforementioned mansion. During the Civil War it was used as a hospital and prison which increased his legend even more. It is said that if you spend the night inside you can hear voices and screams and see different spooky apparitions.

Pedrosa Island, Cantabria

Located off the coast of Cantabria, Isla Pedrosa is known today as the Isla Embrujada (Haunted Island) due to the strange things that have been seen there. In the 19th century, the island was used to house sailors and others suffering from exotic diseases. People claim to have seen the so-called ‘bird girls’, two sisters who suffered from progeria and whose deformities were said to be caused by the devil. Today, some buildings housing youth and reintegration centers have remained, but many remain derelict, including a haunted theaterwhich was once attended by the sick.

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