Pablo López, disappointed not to recognize an idol in ‘La Voz’

During the first program of the blind auditions of The voicethe coaches did not expect what was going to happen. Pablo Lopez, Antonio Orozco, Laura Pausini and Luis Fonsithey didn’t press the button during the performance of one of his childhood idols.

The one who was vocalist of O’Funkillo, Andreas Lutz, appeared on the show performing a version of What a Wonderful World. During the presentation they put on before singing, Andreas said that he was in a rehabilitation process and he was prouder than ever He had made the best decision of his life.

However, in The voice, was not so lucky, because none of the four coaches turned around. When he finished the performance, Pablo López and Antonio Orozco were amazed to see who it wasand immediately, got up to give him a hug and tell him many anecdotes.

Laura PausinoAlthough I didn’t know the singer asked him to sing one of his best-known songs. Pablo López did not hesitate to accompany him because he was very excited to have one of his musical references in front of him. Pablo commented on the program that Andreas was one of the singers who had influenced him the most when he was young and whenever he could he sang his songs in the gambling dens of Malaga.

After the performance, came the emotional words that Laura Pausini told Andreas, thanking him that with the fame he had had in SpainI would have been able to get on stage and say that he was in a rehabilitation process. Andreas before these words couldn’t help but get excited thanking his son and his wife for being so strong and accompanying him in such a tough battle.

“I will always sing my own thing but right now I have to face the world. I have to sing again, but little by little, there are many people going through the same thing as me, it’s difficult, it’s very hard “, commented the singer through tears.

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