Marlaska refuses to investigate as a hate crime calling the civil guards in Alsasua “murderers”

The Ministry of the Interior that directs Fernando Grande-Marlaska refuses to investigate as possible hate crime the insults received by the civil guards deployed in Alsasua (Navarra) in the march of the Ospa Eguna (Goodbye Day) celebrated by the proetarras on September 3.

This follows from the response given by the Government of Pedro Sánchez to a PP written question in the Congress of Deputies, to which OKDIARIO has had exclusive access. Specifically, the Popular Group registered a parliamentary initiative where it summoned the Executive of PSOE-Podemos to pronounce on the reasons why it does not act against this act of “humiliation, harassment and attack” to the Civil Guard, taking into account that “the Ministry of the Interior prosecute hate crimesand launches ongoing campaigns for alleged hate crimes to be reported.”

In fact, the Ministry of the Interior, which even called a meeting of its Hate Crimes Office with the presence of the Prime Minister himself, Pedro Sánchez, and Marlaska for a false homophobic complaint in September 2021, investigated last year until 1,802 possible hate crimes41.6% more than in 2016.

However, in its response on September 28 to the initiative registered by the PP spokeswoman for the Interior in the Low camera, Ana Belen Vazquezand the deputy Isabel eraser, the Ministry of the Interior limits itself to saying that it “is totally committed to the fight against all hate crimes, both in their prevention and in their prosecution.” And this, while in the last march of the Ospa Eguna, the Batasunos shouted at the Civil Guard agents of the type: “Those over there, they torture people” or “Guardian dogs of order and law, hired killers”.

In this context, and according to the reply to the Popular Group, the Government washes its hands and does not go beyond “reminding Your Honors that are the courtsand in this specific case the National Court is the only one that can prohibit »a demonstration of this caliber.


Precisely, vox has informed this Friday that it has denounced before the National High Court the celebration of the Ospa Eguna in Alsasua last September, considering that the attending radicals could have committed alleged hate crimes and glorification of terrorism.

As pointed out by the training led by Santiago Abascalin his brief sent to the court recalls that “hate speech is not protected by the freedom of ideological expressionsince it cannot offer shelter to the exteriorization of expressions that enclose an unjustifiable contempt for the victims of terrorism, even leading to their humiliation».

In addition, the third force of the hemicycle collects that the pro-ETA members launched slogans such as Talde represiboak kanpora (“The repressive groups out”), Alde hemendik, utzi bakean (“Get out of here, leave us alone”), or Ez, ez, ez, repressive ez (“No, no, no, no to repression”).


In this way, Vox has requested the National Court to question the legal representatives of those who appear as conveners and that the Municipality of Alsasua to send the complete file of the authorization of the act held on September 3. One of the banners that were hung in the municipality bore the motto Polizia borrokatu. Sozialismoa Eraiki (“Fight against the Police. Build socialism”) and the signing of the Sakana Socialist Kontseilu.

The Abascal party has also asked that the Government Subdelegation be urged to send the complete report on what happened, as well as the National Police, Civil Guard and the Provincial Police, to collect data on the participants. Vox adds that the call was spread through social networks by “a group closely linked to ETA terrorism.”

Along with this, Vox emphasizes that these types of demonstrations seek “the contempt for the civil guards and other agents, as well as their familiescreating a hostile environment towards them in said locality as neighbors».

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