Fever for the latest from Lidl to face the cold and rainy days

Now that we’re in fall we know that soon we will begin to notice the cold and to suffer from the constant drop in temperatures, not to mention the stormy days that, in fact, are already being suffered in some communities. That is why it is important to be prepared and when it comes to the home there is nothing like choosing now one of the novelties of Lidl that is already sweeping its customers. The latest from Lidl to face cold and rainy days that surely you will also want to have.

The novelty for the home of Lidl that is sweeping

When the cold arrives, many people worry about doing the laundry and that it dries in time. You may have a dryer at home and not have this problem, but given the constant rise in the electricity bill, more and more people are choosing hang clothes to dry outsidesomething that however can be tricky in fall and winter but who now gets a incredible solution thanks to Lidl.

lidl cold

The famous German supermarkets have surprised everyone with their latest launch: the tower clothesline that will allow you to dry clothes in a different way than you have always done. Much more efficient and in less time.

A clothesline that has a most original design since it has been created in the form of a tower so that in this way you can hang your clothes in such a way that they are more grouped but with space so that you can put everything. The measurements of the clothesline when it is unfolded are: 68 x 134 x 68 cm so that you are going to see how you hardly take up space and that you can choose a corner of the terrace or balcony where it is sunny to place the clothesline there and that the clothes are dry in just one hour.

This revolutionary Lidl product has 3 folding shelves on both sides to which they are added 4 adjustable supports to hang up to 16 hangers.

And if you prefer, you can use it folded in half to support it on the wall and thereby save even more space, so much so that when it rains you can place it (if you want) inside the shower cabin. The frame is steel steel High quality powder coated.

A clothesline that you surely want to have at home so that you don’t delay in going for it before it runs out. Available in their stores and on their website, its price is 22.99 euros.

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