Aitana Mas takes command in the rebellion of the ‘puppies of Oltra’: “I do not rule out presenting myself at all”

Aitana Mas, the successor of Mónica Oltra in the first vice-presidency and the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Valencian Government of the socialist Ximo Puig, and spokesperson for Initiative, where she also succeeded Oltra, has today forcefully affirmed that “Not at all” rules out running for the Primaries that will decide the leadership of Compromís on February 11 in which they will face the national deputy and one of the leaders of the coalition Joan Baldovi.

Mas’s stance breaks the strategy of closing ranks around Joan Baldoví to write off Oltra. Also, opens an internal battle between the 2 main partners of commitments: Poble Valencia Initiative (Valencian People’s Initiative), where Aitana Mas comes from, and Committed Month (Más Compromís), where Joan Baldoví comes from.

The strategy of the Compromís to amortize the tri-indicted Mónica Oltra and recover electorate on the basis of a single and seamless candidacy it fell apart in 24 hours. Specifically, those that go from Joan Baldoví publicly running as a candidate for the Primaries and the Generalitat Valenciana to the demonstrations this morning by Aitana Mas in Alicante, where tomorrow she will share the limelight with Baldoví in the first major act of the coalition after Oltra’s fall.

Today, after the plenary session of the Valencian Government at the headquarters of the Generalitat in Alicante, Aitana Mas has been forceful: does not rule out “at all” presenting himself, in this case in front of Baldoví. Although he has clarified before: «It is a decision that I have not yet made, which continues to be on the table and that I have valued».

She has also maintained that for her “This is not the time” for candidatesbecause “many families are thinking about how to fill the refrigerators, how they will be able to face the increase in energy costs and the price of electricity”, and that his responsibility right now is to try to “help these families” from his institutional position .

«It would be very irresponsible of me to enter into an electoral battle now». Also, she has announced that she will make her decision public “a few weeks before” February 11, the date set for the Compromís internal elections: “I will wait to assess it as well and carry out my work as vice president and counselor.”

Asked if she considered that Baldoví’s decision to announce her candidacy now is irresponsible, she was very clear: “For me, this is not the time.” She then insists on her criticism of that decision: «LCitizens are not thinking about electoral keybut on how we are going to make ends meet”, although he has shown his “respect” for “the decisions that each person can make”.

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