This is how the “daily” attacks on VTC drivers in Seville are: “They play with our lives”

The drivers of transport vehicles with driver (VTC) have denounced again assaults who suffer “daily” in Sevillefor which they blame the taxi industry. The successive attacks with eggs and stones in recent days have left dozens of vehicles affected and at least one driver hospitalized after receiving a stone to the head.

The VTC sector has compiled on social networks a string of videos and photos that record the attacks suffered in the capital of Seville, framed in the taxi drivers’ strike initiated by the negotiations of the Junta de Andalucía prior to the decree that will regulate, as of October 1, the “balanced” coexistence in urban centers between both sectors.

The drivers VTC point to the taxi drivers for their “premeditation” in “organized” and “targeted” attacks: “They play with our lives; under these conditions we cannot work”. Some of the attacks, they emphasize, have even occurred with customers inside the vehicles. All this with the complicit silence of the bosses and the parties that unconditionally support these protests, such as Por Andalucía and Forward Andalusiaespecially the latter.

Among the images broadcast, it can be seen how a driver’s VTC is ‘riddled’ with eggs, a scene that has been repeated in different parts of the city, such as at the entrance to the airport of Sevilla. Last Friday, a man required hospital care after suffering a stoned in the head.

Stone thrown at a VTC vehicle in Seville.

The VTC drivers point to “masked individuals with handkerchiefs” concentrated at the height of the area “where the taxi drivers have their base” and who act with “night, treachery and cowardice‘, throwing eggs filled with ‘an irritating fluid’ at the rear-view mirrors to ‘difficult vision and increase the possibility of suffering a traffic accident». “That there were clients assembled at that time did not matter to them,” they add.

In the collected videos they also show «taxi drivers hidden in the bushes” in the vicinity of the Santa Justa train station, “waiting for a VTC vehicle to pass to throw stones at him. “Who organizes them and who allows this Taxi Gestapo roam freely throughout the city? ”, They ask. The affected workers lament “the low security» in Seville, from which customers and tourists are «surprised».

For their part, the taxi drivers denounced the burning of two vehicles on the night of last Sunday, in addition to “aggressions and threats” to the workers.

The group accuses the VTC sector of encouraging the conflict to profit from it since, according to their defense, a open war between the two would favor the latter.

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