Sandra Barneda bursts into Villa Paraíso

Telecinco broadcasts tonight a new installment of The island of temptations. After the premiere of the fifth edition last Wednesday, where the main Mediaset chain overcame its losing streak with a 20.5% audience share, it is broadcasting its second program this Wednesday.

a program where Sandra Barneda will have a great role, Well, for the first time in the history of the Telecinco reality show, the presenter was forced to break into one of the villas due to an event that had occurred.

Last Sunday, during the first Debate of the Temptations, Sandra Barneda has already revealed the moment that marked a before and after in the program. «I had to enter one of the villas for the first time. I had to show them some images that had been producedthey completely destabilized them, ”explained the presenter.

Secondly, In this second installment, couples will meet the tempting VIPs of the editionamong which is a former partner of one of the contestants of the edition, being one of the most tense moments of the night.

In this second installment you can also see the first appointments. While the girls enjoyed a quad ride with their favorite temptresses, the boys spent a fun day on some zip lines with the single girls they had decided to spend the afternoon with.

Also, tonight the girls and the boys they will face their first bonfire. A moment to which they will go with fear, because the first lights in the villages have already begun to sound in the villages and most of them expect the worst.

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